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Your new Active Ingredient

Increase energy. Build immunity. Be happier.


With today’s busy and stressful lifestyles, there’s a lot to fit in and the one thing you don’t want to sacrifice is your wellbeing.

CurraNZ is a 100% natural health supplement perfected in nature and proven in science.

It offers numerous health benefits to boost your immune system, reduce the effects of stress on your body and enhance your fitness and wellbeing.

What if you could make each activity or workout 27% more effective when it comes to burning fat and enhance the natural health benefits of exercise? On top of that, what if you could deliver a raft of important whole-body, health-promoting actions that are key to energy, anti-ageing, wellbeing and disease prevention?

Our blackcurrants have a unique combination and high concentration of red and blue anthocyanins – not found in other fruits – that can activate the human body’s naturally occurring antioxidant and other defense systems, allowing it to better handle everyday stressors, increased activity and age-related health issues.

If you’re looking to for a natural supplement to support weight management, then CurraNZ is a perfect companion. Our blackcurrant extract boosts fat burning during physical activity by up to 27%. These unprecedented increases are equivalent to changes normally seen after four weeks of daily exercise.

Plus, polyphenols (compounds found naturally in plants) such as those in CurraNZ activate your gut microflora and act as an important food source to the ‘good guys’ of your bacterial population.


With their ‘superfood’ properties, scientists now recommend we eat two ‘purple’ fruit or vegetables in addition to our ‘five a day’. Berries, especially New Zealand blackcurrants, are one of the most potent sources of important polyphenol micronutrients.

CurraNZ not only contains powerful compounds to help ‘age proof’ the body, it helps boosts general wellness by supporting the immune system and cardiovascular, brain, eye and gut health.


Consult with your doctor or pharmacist before taking this or any nutritional supplement if you have, or suspect, a medical condition and are taking any medication.