NZ Blackcurrants,Homegrown with pride.

NZ Blackcurrants,
Homegrown with pride.

2500 NZ Blackcurrants for $39.90 per pack!
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New Zealand blackcurrants:
A king of superfoods

Made from the 'King of Superfoods' - CurraNZ is a natural and nutritious berry fruit supplement to support exercise, health and wellbeing.

New Zealand-grown blackcurrants have one of the highest berry-fruit concentrations of important ‘purple’ food compounds, specifically polyphenols, anthocyanins and antioxidants.

A pure, maximum-strength extract, CurraNZ delivers scientifically-determined dose-specific amounts of blackcurrant compounds to deliver optimum results for health and sports applications.

The subject of internationally-acclaimed British research, CurraNZ represents a new direction in health and sports nutrition, which is now available in New Zealand and Australia.

New Zealand blackcurrants

Premium blackcurrants with one of the highest nutrient values of any berry fruit
New Zealand blackcurrants

Bursting with berries

Each capsule contains approx 85 berries - that’s 2,500 per pack!
Bursting with berries

Always 100% Clean

CurraNZ is certified with Informed-Sport, which provides assurance that products have been tested for substances listed on the World Anti-Doping Agency list of banned substances.
Always 100% Clean

A World Leading Superfood

Perfected in nature. Proven in science.

  • Small and mighty

    Our premium blackcurrants are rich in antioxidants, flavononids and anthocyanins
  • Feel-good fitness aid

    A hero product to support the benefits of exercise
  • 100% trusted

    100% natural and drug tested for total product confidence
  • Energized by Enzans

    Made from a scientifically-proven proprietary formulation of blackcurrant compounds

What Our Customers Say

As an elite triathlete and mountain runner, I am always on the lookout for products that give me that extra edge. I am also extremely conscious of what I put into my body and seek out natural products wherever possible. Needless to say, I have tried many products in the past but have never experienced a supplement like CurraNZ, which delivers dramatic results.
I’ve been hugely impressed that CurraNZ not only backs up the blackcurrant sports research, but actually delivers exactly what it’s supposed to. After just a week, the results left me shocked, it works so well. I noticed increased performance levels, extra energy and significantly less muscle stiffness and fatigue. My body felt good to go again the day after hard training sessions. It’s a must for any athlete.
I’ve suffered from chronic nerve pain and fatigue for 15-16 years and my condition reduced my ability to exercise, which I hated, as I was so active up until my early 20s. CurraNZ has been instrumental in helping me return to daily exercise with a totally natural, much-needed boost. I’m now able to do more in a day, including cycling to work, which is a big thing. I wouldn’t be without CurraNZ now – it’s essential for me.
I am an extreme triathlete and won the 2016 European Xterra championship for my age-group with help from CurraNZ. I can’t stress enough how much I used to suffer after a race. My legs would be in tatters and I wouldn’t be able to walk downstairs for days. The difference CurraNZ has made to my recovery is amazing – absolutely amazing. After racing the Outlaw IronMan triathlon I could’ve trained a day later, had it not been for the blisters on my feet. Any muscle discomfort now almost goes unnoticed. Everyone should be using CurraNZ.
I started using CurraNZ in March 2015 and noticed a big difference, especially during a pre-season two-week training camp, where I trained solidly with next-to-no fatigue, covering over 600 miles on the bike. Since then, I’ve used CurraNZ for every race, which has allowed me to jump straight back into training, even after a full Ironman. I have no doubt that CurraNZ, alongside consistent hard work and dedication, led to my success in becoming the 2015 Under 25 Double World Ironman Champion.

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