'A real game-changer'

'A real game-changer'

'CurraNZ has honestly been a real game-changer for me and I take it
religiously every day. If you’re busy, if you’re working, if you’re a
parent – we all get tired. I recommend giving Curranz a go,
I think you’ll notice a difference'

- Jeanette Thomas
Breeze FM Auckland Breakfast Show Host, busy mum-of-two

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Perfected in nature, proven in science.

CurraNZ is a breakthrough, 100% natural, supplement, boasting a unique combination of health and fitness benefits. Made from the ‘King of Superfoods’, New Zealand blackcurrants, CurraNZ is a natural food extract packed with anthocyanins that support health, wellness, sports performance and recovery. Not only this, but they can also aid fat burning during exercise by up to a third.

We are proud to announce our first
New Zealand Stockist

Visit PCNZ at 62C Diana Drive, Wairau Valley, Auckland, 0627 or call on (09) 442-1727

Supplying New Zealand's Elite

Supplying New Zealand's Elite

A World Leading Superfood

Broad-spectrum health and fitness benefits

  • Powerful antioxidants

    Helps fight oxidative stress and free radical attacks associated with ageing
  • Natural anti-inflammatory

    Anthocyanins may interrupt and reduce inflammatory cascading signals
  • Circulation

    Helps promote blood flow and nutrient/oxygen delivery to cells
  • Fat burning​

    University studies show NZ blackcurrant extract can aid the body’s use of fat for fuel during exercise

What Our Customers Say

I was introduced to CurraNZ as product that could benefit both my health and my performance as an endurance athlete. I noticed improvements to my endurance performance and health quickly after regular use of CurraNZ. The science and literature I’ve read supports many of the positive effects I have noticed through my personal experience with CurraNZ.
I wasn't succumbing to my children's constant coughs and colds as I had in the past, I was recovering quickly between key training sessions and I was travelling around the world to races and arriving in good shape and performing well.

Since starting CurraNZ I have noticed some encouraging trends in my training and performances but when I run out of supplies my body returned to feeling tight and more inflamed as it always had before discovering this incredible product.

Trying to balance being a competitive runner with a busy corporate job and young family is a real juggling act. I don't have the luxury of time for massages or day time sleeps so anything than can help recovery is welcome.

After a recommendation from a trusted elite running friend I started using CurraNZ and have been able to the increase intensity of my sessions, recover faster and have noticed it really has improved a long-term achilles issue. After using CurraNZ, I set three new PBs in 2017 and won silver at the NSW State marathon Championships and bronze at the Australian Marathon Championships.

I use CurraNZ for both training and racing and have no doubt that this product is the reason why I'm able to recover so quickly after a big session.

Before CurraNZ I would often need an extra one-two days’ rest from my Ironman training to allow my body to recover, which impacted my busy training schedule. 

With CurraNZ I'm able to train more often and at higher intensity, with much shorter recovery times. Although I still listen to my body and throw in the odd extra rest day, CurraNZ enables me to bounce back quicker and feeling stronger.