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CurraNZ increases fat-burning during exercise by an unprecedented 27%, making your workouts more effective. This is great for boosting endurance on each gym trip, yoga class, run or even a brisk walk


In 2018, a Liverpool John Moores University study found that CurraNZ improved fat oxidation (fat burning) during two hours of moderate-intensity cycling in women by on average by 27%, with one participant showing increases of up to 55%. To put this into context that’s an extra 106 calories burned when taking CurraNZ.

The University of Chichester has also shown CurraNZ is also effective in active and healthy men, over short and long exercise durations, in normal and hot conditions.

And as well as helping you burn more fat during exercise, CurraNZ delivers additional benefits, such as increasing energy levels, train harder for longer and recover faster, to help you accomplish your health and fitness goals.


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