About Us

The team at Health Currancy

What if we could effect a 'wellness revolution'?

Health Currancy Ltd was founded by New Zealander Fleur Cushman, who grew up under the life-shaping influence of her father, natural health pioneer and visionary Mike Cushman, who changed the face of the natural healthcare industry in the Southern Hemisphere with his 'Clinicians' range of vitamin and mineral supplements.   

Mike brought the quickly-developing New Zealand blackcurrant story to Fleur's attention and, as a result, Health Currancy was incorporated in the UK in 2011, and with fellow UK director Nicki Bundock, CurraNZ was launched in 2014.

After proving a success in the UK, demand from New Zealanders saw the business expand in a joint venture in New Zealand in 2017, to make CurraNZ available in its ‘home markets’.

The directors at CurraNZ Ltd share a driving common interest - a passion for health, wellness and making a difference to the lives of their customers in an ethical and transparent manner.  

Of chief importance is maintaining the purity and integrity of their natural, premium product and they give their customers assurances that no chemicals, fillers or additives are tolerated in CurraNZ, which is manufactured and drug-tested in the UK.

They also believe in CurraNZ so much they offer a full money-back guarantee for its recovery properties. 

CurraNZ embraces the power of natural products such as NZ blackcurrants and have a commitment to research and development. As a result, CurraNZ works with a growing number of leading universities in New Zealand, Asia and Britain, with a programme of sports and health studies that will continue to unlock the secrets of the wondrous and wide-ranging benefits of the NZ blackcurrant. 

They love hearing from customers and how CurraNZ is benefiting people in countless different ways to promote health, sport performance and recovery.

Fleur and Nicki are always delighted to hear from their customers, don't hesitate to contact them at