About us

A brand story with a global journey

CurraNZ Ltd was launched in New Zealand in January 2017, in response to Australasian customer demand following the success of its flagship health and fitness blackcurrant supplement in the UK. 

The origins of CurraNZ are firmly rooted in New Zealand, however the brand’s early lifecycle, development and route to market started in Britain.

Health Currancy Ltd was founded by British-based New Zealander Fleur Cushman, who grew up under the life-shaping influence of her father, natural health pioneer and visionary Mike Cushman, who changed the face of the natural healthcare industry in the Southern Hemisphere with his 'Clinicians' range of vitamin and mineral supplements.   

Mike identified a commercial opportunity for New Zealand blackcurrant, which led to the crystallization of an idea into a business enterprises, prompting the incorporation of Health Currancy in England.

Previously a sports journalist in London, Fleur joined forces with Nicki Bundock, and together they launched CurraNZ into the British market in February 2014, to coincide with the first release of New Zealand blackcurrant sports performance research in the US.

The other half of 'Team Health Currancy', Nicki is a successful businesswoman with an MBA, having previously worked in the European aviation industry.

Nicki and Fleur have seen their ‘start-up’ flourish with increasing demand for CurraNZ in the UK, which has been hailed as a ‘discovery brand’ in the British sports industry.

Its fast-growing popularity overseas, supported by an internationally-acclaimed program of University sports performance research of peer-reviewed studies, has seen the brand’s value and reputation rise and achieve notable milestones since 2014.

Used by a range of medalists in the British Olympic team in 2016 and Premiership teams in British football, rugby and rugby league, CurraNZ is now a staple supplement for a growing collection of British and European athletes, from grass-roots level right up to World No1s.

Tipped to be a superfood success story of 2017 by the Telegraph newspaper, the time was right to make CurraNZ available in its ‘home markets’ and service its growing customer base in NZ, Australia and Asia.

CurraNZ Ltd is a joint venture between Health Currancy and Amanti Investments Ltd, and is based in Parnell, Auckland.