The team at Health Currancy

    Fleur Cushman

    Health Currancy Ltd was founded by New Zealander Fleur Cushman, who grew up under the life-shaping influence of her father, natural health pioneer and visionary Mike Cushman, who changed the face of the natural healthcare industry in the Southern Hemisphere with his 'Clinicians' range of vitamin and mineral supplements.

    Mike brought the quickly-developing New Zealand blackcurrant story to Fleur's attention and, as a result, Health Currancy was launched, with CurraNZ the flagbearing first-to-market product of the NZ blackcurrant kind in the UK, launched in February 2014.

    Fleur has lived in the UK for over 20 years and until forming Health Currancy, was a sports journalist and editor on a leading national newspaper based in London.

    Mike Callagher

    Mike has joined the Health Currancy team after more than 30 years in the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical world. With a solid understanding of the supply chain from the field to the consumer, Mike is a firm believer in the health benefits of CurraNZ and aims to provide customers with a high level of assurance that their product safety and efficacy expectations are met. Domiciled in New Zealand, Mike is closely involved in the New Zealand blackcurrant industry at several levels and can see first-hand the care and passion of growers and processors alike.

    Mike's sporting resumé reads like a textbook on a good Kiwi upbringing; rowing, rugby union and league, cricket and cycling competitively, so it's fair to say he has a passion for all sport.

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