CurraNZ has anti-viral properties to help protect your body and boost immunity


Blackcurrants offer anti-viral and anti-microbial actions to help the body ward off infections.

Several studies have shown how blackcurrant boosts the immune system’s first-line defences in several ways to reduce the chance of picking up ‘opportunistic infections’. Plus, researchers in Japan believe they are THE fruit to consume to prevent the spread of viruses.

In test tube studies, New Zealand blackcurrant extract proved hugely effective in ‘disinfecting’ cells when exposed to four strains of the Influenza virus, including previous Pandemic strains, ‘Swine’ flu, Hong Kong flu and vaccine-resistant Russian flu.

Another study described blackcurrant anthocyanin as having ‘auspicious’ anti-Influenza effects through multiple mechanisms. These included inhibiting viral life cycle and preventing viruses from binding to host cells.

A single capsule of CurraNZ is highly concentrated, containing 105mg of natural blackcurrant anthocyanin, and delivers the equivalent of a generous handful of blackcurrants.

Taking one to two capsules a day will naturally help boost your immunity and stay well during ‘flu season’.


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