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CurraNZ is a breakthrough supplement which offers a unique combination of health and fitness benefits. 

It’s 100% natural, made solely from New Zealand blackcurrants, King of the Superfoods. So-called because they’re packed with anthocyanins, naturally occurring plant compounds that gives the fruit it's deep purple colouring, as well as providing multiple health, sports recovery and cognitive benefits.

New Zealand blackcurrants have one of the highest recorded anthocyanin values of any fruit on the planet. Our 35% maximum-strength extract is a formulation containing Enzans®, key identifiers of the New Zealand blackcurrant bioactives responsible for their scientifically-proven properties. Each capsule contains the equivalent of a generous handful of blackcurrants and represents outstanding value for money. 

Body Benefits

New Zealand Blackcurrants

Body Benefits
  • Heart

    Blackcurrants are high in polyphenols which can improve vascular health.
  • Brain

    Antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatory compounds can help protect the brain from the damaging aging effects.
  • Eye

    Boosts circulation and increases flow of nutrients to the brain to help improve eye health.
  • Muscle

    Reduces muscle fatigue and improves tissue repair to speed up recovery post workout.
  • Immune System

    Helps improve immune responses. Anti-viral properties can help protect your body and boost immunity.
  • Gut

    Blackcurrants are good pro-biotic agents and can help promote the growth of friendly bacteria.
  • Fat Burning

    Scientifically proven to increase fat-burning during moderate intensity exercise by an unprecedented 27%, which is an extra 116 calories burned in two hours!.

A World Leading Superfood

Broad-spectrum health and fitness benefits

  • Powerful antioxidants

    Helps fight oxidative stress and free radical attacks associated with ageing
  • Natural anti-inflammatory

    Anthocyanins may interrupt and reduce inflammatory cascading signals
  • Circulation

    Helps promote blood flow and nutrient/oxygen delivery to cells
  • Fat burning​

    University studies show NZ blackcurrant extract can aid the body’s use of fat for fuel during exercise