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directions for use

General health: 1 capsule daily

Exercise: 75kg - 1 capsule. 75kg+ - 2 capsules

Take two hours before undertaking exercise. 

A loading period of a week, using one capsule daily, will deliver the full array of blackcurrant benefits for fitness.

For highly demanding training, redose again within 20 minutes of exercising.

Keep in a cool, dry place.

Body Benefits

New Zealand Blackcurrants

Body Benefits
  • Heart

    Blackcurrants are high in polyphenols which can improve vascular health.
  • Brain

    Antioxidants and natural anti-inflammatory compounds can help protect the brain from the damaging aging effects.
  • Eye

    Boosts circulation and increases flow of nutrients to the brain to help improve eye health.
  • Muscle

    Reduces muscle fatigue and improves tissue repair to speed up recovery post workout.
  • Immune System

    Helps improve immune responses. Anti-viral properties can help protect your body and boost immunity.
  • Gut

    Blackcurrants are good pro-biotic agents and can help promote the growth of friendly bacteria.
  • Fat Burning

    Scientifically proven to increase fat-burning during moderate intensity exercise by an unprecedented 27%, which is an extra 116 calories burned in two hours!.

A World Leading Superfood

Broad-spectrum health and fitness benefits

  • Powerful antioxidants

    Helps fight oxidative stress and free radical attacks associated with ageing
  • Natural anti-inflammatory

    Anthocyanins may interrupt and reduce inflammatory cascading signals
  • Circulation

    Helps promote blood flow and nutrient/oxygen delivery to cells
  • Fat burning​

    University studies show NZ blackcurrant extract can aid the body’s use of fat for fuel during exercise