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directions for use

General health: 1 capsule daily

Exercise: 75kg - 1 capsule. 75kg+ - 2 capsules

Take two hours before undertaking exercise. 

A loading period of a week, using one capsule daily, will deliver the full array of blackcurrant benefits for fitness.

For highly demanding training, redose again within 20 minutes of exercising.

Keep in a cool, dry place.

New Zealand Blackcurrants

A king of superfoods

New Zealand Blackcurrants
  • ‘Purple’ power!

    Blackcurrant polyphenol compounds, called anthocyanins, are important micronutrients that support health and wellbeing
  • Mother Nature’s shield

    Anthocyanins are naturally-occurring plant compounds that give the fruit their deep purple colouring and act as sunscreen
  • Super potent

    New Zealand blackcurrants have one of the highest recorded anthocyanin values and antioxidant activity of any berry

A World Leading Superfood

Perfected in nature. Proven in science.

  • Small and mighty

    Our premium blackcurrants are rich in antioxidants, flavononids and anthocyanins
  • Feel-good fitness aid

    A hero product to support the benefits of exercise
  • 100% trusted

    100% natural and drug tested for total product confidence
  • Energized by Enzans

    Made from a scientifically-proven proprietary formulation of blackcurrant compounds