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Who uses CurraNZ?

on October 01, 2021
CurraNZ has been supplied to some of the world's best athletes and teams. We have slowly built a network with nutritionists and specialists who recognise CurraNZ's  growing body of research that back up the real world results observed at the elite level both in NZ and abroad. We work with High Performance NZ who recommend our product to many of NZ's top teams and athletes. We can't disclose every athlete/team because of privacy and endorsement restrictions but here are a few note worthy people/teams.

The Otago Highlanders - CurraNZ sponsored the Otago Highlanders for the 2020-21 season. 'CurraNZ sports supplement is one of our go-to tools for supporting player performance and recovery. The improved blood flow and antioxidant content helps our players recover from heavy blocks of training to help them be their best in training and on game day.' - Highlanders Nutritionist Rebecca Jackson.

CurraNZ had 3 official NZ representatives at the Tokyo Games

*Julia Ratcliffe - Women's Hammer Throw 

*Max Brown - K2 1000M Canoe Sprint champion 

*Andrea Anacan - Kata/Karate - (Oceania Champion) 

Dougal Allan - endurance athlete - Coast to Coast Elite Men's Champion 2019, 2021.

Tottenham Hotspurs - is one of several EPL teams CurraNZ supplies. Team nutritionist Hannah Sheridan explains why they use CurraNZ. 

In addition, CurraNZ have supplied numerous multi-sport athletes, international tennis players, national champion runners and sports men and women.