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Kiwi multisport legend strikes again using ‘game changing’ CurraNZ

on March 05, 2021

'KIWI endurance legend Dougal Allan raced to another Coast To Coast championship title last month, using a natural performance and recovery aid that he calls a ‘game changer’.

The professional multisport and Ironman athlete has been using internationally-acclaimed CurraNZ since 2018, after scrutinising its world-first, gold-standard clinical evaluation.

Considered one of the big breakthrough compounds in international sports nutrition in the last decade, CurraNZ is made from Canterbury-grown blackcurrants.

‘I've seen big differences from year to year using CurraNZ’

The unique bioactives in CurraNZ support blood flow and muscle function, while accelerating all-important recovery processes, making it a stand-out supplement for active people of any level.  

Dougal, who has been using CurraNZ for over two and a half years, says: “I’ve seen big differences from year to year using CurraNZ. I train my body through the full spectrum - slow energy training, tempo work, threshold stuff, VO2max – and I personally feel I’m more efficient at every level of output.

“Everything has moved on a notch. My running threshold on the track has improved – even my coach has been taken aback. In some sessions, I’ve seen 5 seconds per kilometre improvement, yet my maximum heart rate has been seven beats lower.

“That’s significant, particularly in events like the Coast to Coast – that adds up to a lot of improvement and at a lower cost too.

“In terms of your heart being a pump, blackcurrant creates less resistance and helps your body deliver more blood and oxygen, so it all stacks up, doesn’t it?”

CurraNZ has been winning awards in Europe and Asia for its evidence-based performance and recovery benefits in active people.  

  • Proven in almost 30 studies
  • Guaranteed to improve muscle recovery
  • Natural source of antioxidants
  • Suitable for active people of any level
  • Aids muscle function, fat oxidation and performance
  • Winner of the ESSNA Best Post Workout Award, 2020
  • Nutra Ingredients Asia 2020 Sports Nutrition Product of the Year
  • Supplier to international sporting bodies in Australasia and Europe
  • Certified by Informed-Sport

30 capsules of CurraNZ costs $39.90, with 20% off to first-time customers with code TRYCURRANZ, only from