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Curranz 30s - Promo
Curranz 30s - Promo
Curranz 30s - Promo
Curranz 30s - Promo
Curranz 30s - Promo
Curranz 30s - Promo
Curranz 30s - Promo

Curranz 30s - Promo

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CurraNZ New Zealand Blackcurrant Extract capsules are a high-potency health and fitness food supplement with natural anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and blood flow-promoting properties.

CurraNZ is a rich source of bioactive micronutrients, backed by over
30 clinical studies. A multi-award winning product that supports energy, general health and an active lifestyle, CurraNZ maximises exercise efforts, with a unique combination of pre-workout and post workout benefits.


Health and Wellbeing:
  • Improves immunity and energy
  • Supports cardiovascular and metabolic health
  • General anti-inflammatory support
Great For Performance & Energy. Studies show:
  • Improves blood flow during exercise up to 45%
  • 11% improvement in running distance
  • 12% reduction in fatigue
  • Aids fat burning during exercise
Perfect For Post-Exercise Muscle Recovery: Studies show:
  • 49% reduction in soreness
  • Reduces muscle damage
  • Three-times faster recovery
    Perfected By Nature, Proven In Science:

    Over 30 clinical studies

    Directions For use:

    Swallow 1-3 capsules with water or juice at the dosage outlined below, or as advised by your nutritionist. For best results, use daily.

    General health: 1 capsule daily
    Exercise Recovery: 75kg - 1 capsule. 75kg+ - 2 capsules
    Exercise Performance: 1-3 Capsules, with a minimum intake period of seven days.

    Take two hours before undertaking exercise.
    For endurance events of six hours or more, we recommend redosing four hours after the first dose.


    Grown in New Zealand, manufactured to the highest standards in the UK.
    Shelf life, two years.
    New Zealand Blackcurrant 35% Anthocyanin Extract Powder, Capsule Shell (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose), Anti-Caking Agent (Magnesium Stearate). Each capsule contains 105mg anthocyanin.


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