New Zealand blackcurrants:
Superstars for sports people

A proven product to accelerate your fitness goals

The subject of internationally-acclaimed sports performance research

Tipped by scientists to be a game-changer for the future of sports nutrition

Compelling potential benefits in one cost-effective, pre-workout supplement

  • A training aid to enhance stamina and recovery
  • Controlled dosing for targeted outcomes 
  • Backed by double-blind, peer-reviewed research
  • Helps promote endurance during exercise (double-blind cycling and running studies)
  • Helps reduce fatigue and soreness during AND after exercise
  • Helps athletes to maintain maximal sprints in team-based sports
  • Antioxidants properties to help reduce oxidative stress
  • 100% guaranteed for muscle recovery 
  • Drug tested (Click here for certificate) 

Endurance. Recovery.

Naturally - all in one guaranteed, trusted product.

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A World leading Superfood

Antioxidant rich.

  • A World Leading Superfood

    Rich in antioxidants, flavononids and anthocyanins
  • Feel-good fitness aid

    A hero product to support the benefits of exercise
  • 100% Trusted

    100% natural and drug tested for total product confidence
  • Energized by Enzans

    Made from a scientifically-proven proprietary formulation of blackcurrant compounds