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Supercharge your performance with CurraNZ

Improve endurance. Accelerate recovery. Reduce fatigue.


If you like to challenge yourself and strive to meet goals, fitness is a core part of your life. Imagine if you had a natural sports supplement that could supercharge performance, endurance, fat burning and recovery? You could schedule your sports/training routine around your targets, rather than your limits. With CurraNZ you can train more regularly and work harder for longer – without letting muscle soreness and fatigue hold you back.

A recent meta-analysis study concluded that CurraNZ is amongst the most effective legal performance-enhancing supplements available. 

Blackcurrant anthocyanins are powerful vasodilators, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents and are effective with elite and recreational athletes alike. Professional athletes and top-tier sports clubs are adopting CurraNZ into their competitive strategies and reaping the benefits of our legal performance aid. Among the No1-ranked athletes using CurraNZ is 2019 World Ironman Champion (18-24) Laura Addie and Dougal Allan, 2019 World Multisport Champion. Both athletes regard CurraNZ as a ‘game changer’ for its legal performance and recovery edge.

Blackcurrant anthocyanins represent a new era in sports nutrition for their unique, potent and wide-ranging benefits. This flavonoid-rich berry encompasses the many benefits of beetroot, cherry and green tea in one product, therefore combining significant performance, recovery and fat oxidation advantages – without taste challenges or high sugar loads.

More than ten Universities worldwide are now studying our extract for its effects on sports performance, recovery and health. The significant findings to date have established blackcurrant as having great potential for the future of sport nutrition supplements, across a range of exercise modalities. As a result of this research, some of the world’s most recognisable athletes and sports teams include CurraNZ in their nutrition regime for a performance and recovery edge.

CurraNZ is certified by Informed-Sport, the globally-recognised program providing athletes with assurances that products have been tested for substances banned in sport worldwide.