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Andrew Heydon

Seven-time Australian representative 100km World Championships, 2013 Australian 50km Champion, 2017 NSW Masters Champion  

Trying to balance being a competitive runner with a busy corporate job and young family is a real juggling act.

'I don't have the luxury of time for massages or day-time sleeps so anything than can help recovery is welcome. 

'After a recommendation from a trusted elite running friend I started using CurraNZ and after four weeks I feel I have been able to increase intensity of sessions and off the back of that I have set a new 10km and 14km PB at 43 years old. Plus, I recovered in time to race the following weekend and finish third in a marathon'.

Dougal Allan

2019 World Multi-Sport Champion

'I was introduced to CurraNZ as product that could benefit both my health and my performance as an endurance athlete.

'Quickly after starting regular use of CurraNZ, I noticed improvements in both. I also began reading much of the science and literature that supports many of the positive effects I had started to notice through my personal experience with CurraNZ. 

'I wasn't succumbing to my children's constant coughs and colds as I had in the past, I was recovering quickly between key training sessions and I was travelling around the world to races and arriving in good shape and performing well.

'Since starting CurraNZ I have noticed some encouraging trends in my training and performances but when I run out of supplies I notice my body returns to feeling tight and more inflamed as it always had before discovering this incredible product. 

'I have now made a commitment to continuing my use of the product long into the future and to make sure I am well supplied year round! It is quick and easy to use and travel with so I have no excuse. Wherever I go, my CurraNZ now comes with me.' 

Halliday Cross

'I use CurraNZ for both training and racing. I have no doubt that this product is the reason why I'm able to recover so quickly after a big session. 

'I am a Brit who emigrated to Australia a few years ago and have overcome two major surgeries (spine and shoulder) and many other injuries during my Ironman journey, which has only been three years in the making.

'I have come a very long way during that time, having raced my first Ironman in Melbourne 2015 and have now completed six in all - Ironman Melbourne 2015, Cairns 2015, Western Australia 2015, Switzerland 2016, New Zealand 2017 and the Asia-Pacific Champs 2017.

'Before CurraNZ I would often need an extra one-two days’ rest to allow my body to recover, which impacted my busy training schedule. 

'With CurraNZ I'm able to train more often and at higher intensity, with much shorter recovery times. Although I still listen to my body and throw in the odd extra rest day, CurraNZ enables me to bounce back quicker and feeling stronger.' 

Stephen Te Whaiti

Since using CurraNZ to my diet, there has been a noticeable effect upon my recovery from training. In the lead-up to the World Indoor Masters Championships in March, the supplements became an integral part of my recovery from hard sessions and working full time.

My body can usually handle one tough speed session per week, followed by lighter sessions. After adding the blackcurrant to my diet, I found that I could consistently cope with two-three hard speed/power sessions.
This enabled me to prepare well for the Indoor meet in Daegu, South Korea. I managed to make the semi- finals of the 60m after 13 heats in the first round, then bowed out of making the final, in fifth place. As a multi-event athlete, I was really pleased with this.


Dr Nathan Lewis

Lead scientist and performance nutritionist, English Institute of Sport

The science on CurraNZ is robust and there are clear benefits for using it for endurance and team sport performance and recovery. We have observed CurraNZ to be effective in reducing inflammation in athletes undergoing heavy training who aren’t recovering as we would like. We have used various polyphenol strategies over the years, and I believe there’s a big role for CurraNZ to play in the health and wellbeing – not only for athletes – but the general population too. For this reason I use CurraNZ with any athletes I work with, pre- and post-exercise.

Hannah Sheridan

Team nutritionist Tottenham Hotspurs Football Club

I use CurraNZ amongst my athletes to help them perform at their peak and recover quickly and effectively. During periods of intensified training such as pre-season or at altitude camps, athletes require a higher intake of anti-oxidants, which is where CurraNZ plays a huge role in recovery.