Dougal Allan
Professional Ironman Athlete
Dougal Allan is the reigning Australasian Multi-Sport Champion and one of New Zealand’s leading endurance athletes. Ranked in the top ten globally for IronMan bike ratings, Dougal is a regular on the international stage in professional long-distance triathlon and the man they all fear on the bike.

Originally from Wanaka, coach and competitor Dougal will be among the leading pros lining up for IronMan New Zealand and IronMan Australia, two of his main Australaian goals in 2018.
Andrew Heyden
Elite Runner
Andy Heyden runs all distances but has shone in ultras down the years in Australia. Based in Sydney, he has represented his country on seven occasions at 100km World Championships.

Among his achievements are Australian 50km Champion in 2013, NSW Masters Age Group 5,000m Champion 2017 and the 2017 Gold Coast Southern Cross 10km and Sydney Harbour 10km

Since using CurraNZ, this hugely accomplished distance runner has gone on to set three new PBs.

In September 2017 he picked up the silver medal in the NSW State Marathon Championship and Bronze in the Australian Marathon Championships with a time of 2hrs 38 minutes.
Elite International FIFA Football Referee
Matthew Conger is New Zealand’s only elite international FIFA Football Referee who has officiated at the 2017&2015 FIFA Club World Cup, 2016 Rio Olympics and New Zealand’s highest-profile tournaments.

The 2017 New Zealand Football Referee of the Year, Matthew’s career is on a sharp, upward trajectory and has been selected for the FIFA World Cup in Russia this year.

The role has fitness and travel demands equal to the players. As an international referee, he is required to maintain extremely high levels of fitness, which are closely monitored by FIFA.

Since using CurraNZ, Matthew has observed game-changing benefits, particularly around improvements in sprint speed, stamina, mental acuity and recovery from training, matches and travel.
Halliday Cross
Ironman triathlete
Hal Cross is an expat Brit now living in Australia who has a relative newcomer to racing in Ironman triathlons.

Having completed more than five Ironmans in Australasia and Europe, Hal’s big goal is to nail a sub ten-hour IronMan and qualify for the World Championships in Kona.

‘I use CurraNZ for both training and racing. I have no doubt that this product is the reason why I'm able to recover so quickly after a big session. I take extra CurraNZ on the bike leg of any race which sets me up for the run, and again for before bed. I find I feel good afterwards and don’t suffer any DOMS using this strategy, which is a huge bonus.’
Luca Turrini
Elite Ultra Runner
Luca is the current Guinness World Record holder for the farthest distance run on a treadmill in 24hours (261.18km) and his running feats include running 20 marathons in 29 days across Italy, running around an athletic track for 24 hours (221km) and through Mexican canyons, and up and down the Grand Canyon from Rim to Rim to Rim. 

Since incorporating CurraNZ in his nutrition for training and racing in 2018, Luca has been on a success streak in ultramarathons – 12-hour and 24-hour events. His eyes are now set on one of the toughest and symbolic races on earth, the Spartathlon, a 240km race from Athens to Sparta. 
Chris Stirling
Chris Stirling is Britain's XTRI champion and one of the best 'hard core' mountain runners and distance triathletes this country has to offer.

A regular in some of Europe and North America's most extreme Iron-distance races, Chris is the original CurraNZ ambassador (since 2014) who has scaled the heights of his sport using our product.

2017 was a crowning year in the career of this outstanding endurance athlete, in which he raced to a quick-fire Celtman-Canadaman double last summer.

Chris thrives in the harshest of conditions that would defeat most athletes. He credits CurraNZ as 'the only supplement I've ever used that really delivers' for its performance and recovery gains.
Jo Zakrzewski
Jo came to running late in life, having previously been a race doctor. A GP based in Scotland, Jo is one of the country’s best endurance runners and stalwart of the GB ultrarunning team.

Jo has been a regular in the 50km and 100km World Championships over the last five years. In 2015 she was fifth in the world, third in Europe and second at Masters level at 100km and set a new PB by an astonishing ten minutes. The previous year, she was ranked third in the world and first in the Masters 100km World Champs, achievements that saw her crowned 2014 Female Ultrarunner of the year.
Sue Pugh
Sue Pugh is a Physical Training Instructor responsible for training the Royal Air Force PTs to the standard required. Away from her day job, Sue loves to race IronMan and is also a Triathlon coach and RAF triathlete (GB Age-Group representative).

A regular in cycling and triathlon Interservices events for the RAF, Sue raced across Europe in 2015, cycling 3,000 miles in eight days, 20hrs. She was Herefordshire Sports Woman of the Year 2015 and was also runner-up to CurraNZ ambassador Lucy Charles in the 220Triathlon Age-Group Athlete of the year.