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  • Taking CurraNZ for just ONE WEEK can ‘turn back the clock ten years’ for arterial health in older adults

Taking CurraNZ for just ONE WEEK can ‘turn back the clock ten years’ for arterial health in older adults

on March 09, 2024

THE celebrated research program underpinning CurraNZ has entered new territory. After many years of sport research, we are now also turning our attention to its potential impact on some of the biggest health challenges facing the world.

Scientists have found our extract can turn back the clock ten years for arterial health in the elderly - after just ONE WEEK. 

As revealed on Radio New Zealand, two capsules daily of CurraNZ® for just seven days may provide clinically-significant cardioprotective effects in older adults.

Japanese scientists made the startling discovery after measuring the effect of the CurraNZ® anthocyanin extract on arterial stiffness and blood pressure – powerful predictors of future cardiovascular events - in a group of healthy men and women aged 65 and over.

The group took blackcurrant for just seven days and resulted in clinically-relevant changes. This illustrates that if these changes were sustained with longer-term use, blackcurrant extract might offer a natural dietary means of reducing cardiovascular risk factors in the ageing population.

Not only that, but CurraNZ also reduced central blood pressure and displayed ‘whole body’ improvements to blood vessel health.

Cardiovascular disease-related mortality is one of the biggest health problems worldwide and strategies are needed for prevention.

Hardening of the arteries occurs with age and is strongly influenced by diet and lifestyle factors. The condition can precede hypertension and cardiovascular disease.  

Growing evidence highlights that specific flavonoids from plant bioactive compounds naturally found in fruits – and particularly New Zealand blackcurrants - can improve vascular function and arterial health.

CurraNZ is a concentrated source of these anthocyanins, which have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. They produce an enzyme that can improve blood flow and help maintain the healthy function of blood vessels.


Only Enzans®, found in CurraNZ®, delivers evidence-based health and sports properties

CurraNZ® contains a proprietary bend of New Zealand blackcurrant anthocyanins, which are characterized by Enzans®, key identifiers of the high-potency bioactives that deliver the unique and outstanding properties of our product.

Only the CurraNZ® Enzans® have been proven in an international program of peer-reviewed health and sports research that establishes our product as the most researched and trusted brand in the world.

Be wary of copycat products – 99% of blackcurrant extracts do not meet our exacting standards due to the high variation in the nutritional quality and genetic make-up of blackcurrants and production methods that influence its efficacy and quality.


CurraNZ: Perfected By Nature. Proven in Science