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Physician's view: 'Until now, there hasn't been a GI remedy like this for runners'

on May 23, 2024

Last week, we shared our latest scientific discovery, showing that one-week's consumption of CurraNZ provided a valuable prevention strategy for Runner's Trots.

Dr. Stephanie Flippin, a professional North American ultra-runner, coach and physician (left) who works extensively with athletes, is only too familiar with the threat that gastric stress poses for runners in hot conditions.

One of the leading causes of 'DNF', gastric stress caused by exercising in the heat affects 90% of runners - and particularly ultra-runners - or those who put in hard efforts over shorter distances. 

Dr. Stephanie Flippin, one of the most exciting, untapped ultra-running talents in North America, says: “There isn’t a runner who hasn’t experienced GI distress.

"Often times, runners take antacids in a bid to stave off these issues, but they have limited efficacy. Until now, there hasn’t been a supplement that could provide direct, scientifically-validated protection to those running just 7 days prior to an event.

"We saw in this study that seven days of CurraNZ supplementation increased both extracellular and intracellular levels of heat shock protein (TLR4 and NF-kB) under baseline conditions without the stimulus of heat stress, which resulted in less of a heat shock response when those participants were subjected to one hour of exertional heat stress.

"This suggests that CurraNZ supplementation ahead of exercising in hot conditions is protective against exertional heat stroke.

"With current strategies limited to heat training itself, any type of mitigation and protective measure is highly beneficial and New Zealand blackcurrant extract offers an exciting new supplement for runners.”

 Colorado-based Stefanie shot to fame in 2021 when, still an amateur athlete, she humbled a field of world and national record holders to win the USATF 100 Mile National Championship (pictured, above), shattering the course record in the process.

Stefanie currently holds three of the top ten fastest 100-mile times ever for North American women. 

 'GI distress will derail a runner's chances if they can't tolerate nutrition'

With years of running experience as an athlete and coach, Stefanie observes: “A large part of running relies on refuelling, which is essential to be able to sustain 4-20 hours of running for those undertaking trial or ultra marathons.

"GI distress can bring down the house of cards and derail a person’s chances because they can’t tolerate their nutrition. New Zealand blackcurrant extract opens up a whole new avenue as an easy supplement for runners to use and prevent the risks of heat stress.

“In this day and age, we are all reaching for a few extra percentages to achieve peak performance. Preventative measures like CurraNZ Original represent a valuable tool to provide those gains.” 

The all male cohort underwent moderate-intensity treadmill running in hot ambient conditions (34C/93.2F) after taking 600mg (two capsules) of CurraNZ Original for seven days.

As well as demonstrating various gut-protecting effects, the study showed that blackcurrant is safe to use in hot conditions, with no adverse effects on the body’s core temperature or thermoregulatory processes.


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