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Healthspan Elite CurraNZ - cutting-edge nutrition used by the All Blacks

on March 09, 2024

THE All Blacks’ auspicious display of talent, speed and power in the Rugby Championship starkly illustrated their potential to make their presence felt on the international stage this year.

After straight wins against Australia, South Africa and Argentina, our national team put down a fantastic marker for the remainder of the rugby calendar – and we are delighted that they regard New Zealand blackcurrant extract as an established protocol in their performance toolbox.

The official Healthspan Elite All Blacks CurraNZ product is part of the team’s tried-and-tested supplement regime for training and match days – giving them proven nutrient support to excel and meet the physical demands of top-flight rugby.   

The All Blacks rely on cutting-edge nutrition to optimise their performance and recovery, with the Healthspan Elite CurraNZ supplement providing an innovative, evidence-based offering to elevate their performance when it matters the most.

Described by All Blacks Performance Nutritionist Katrina Darry (pictured, right) as one of the tools in their performance tool box, the Healthspan Elite CurraNZ supplement adds some uniquely ‘Kiwi magic’ to the players’ nutrition arsenal. 

Darry, performance nutritionist to the All Blacks since 2008, says: “We started using CurraNZ a couple of years ago when the research was building pace around New Zealand-grown blackcurrants and their ability to help with vasodilation, so it allows individuals to train longer than what would be anticipated.

“The polyphenolic properties of blackcurrants support our food-first nutrition strategy and they also have a role in muscle recovery. 

“So, there are a number of variables that CurraNZ can assist with - and we’ve had good feedback from players around its use.”

We are hugely proud that the All Blacks use Healthspan Elite’s CurraNZ supplement is helping to power this revered team through the demands of domestic and international competition.  

Buy yours now - 30 capsules retail for $44.99 and is certified by Informed-Sport.

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