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Why CurraNZ is a reliable and powerful performance enhancer

on March 09, 2024

Research has shown CurraNZ is a reliable performance enhancer. A British study1 looked at whether individuals would experience a variation of responses with repeated intake of CurraNZ, which is common with most sports supplements.



Active males performed a high-intensity, intermittent treadmill running test following seven days intake of CurraNZ extract (600mg) or placebo across five testing sessions.

The study found that the supplement consistently enhanced running performance on repeated occasions after consuming for a week. In fact, 38% of participants were consistently high responders, demonstrating improvements of up to 37.8%.

Some of the research respondents (38%) also improved their total distance from 8.3% to 37.8% across both blackcurrant trials.

56% of study respondents improved their total distance by at least 7.9% in at least one trial. Blackcurrant responders improved their average total running distance by 262m-394m and improved their average sprint distance by 116m-265m.

56% of the participants consistently enhanced their performance on blackcurrant when repeatedly tested in the randomized trials.

The outcome suggests that blackcurrant can be effective for individuals looking to consistently and repeatedly improve their performance in sports characterised by high-intensity intermittent running.

Further CurraNZ studies in running and cycling models back this up2,3,4,5,6,7.

One of the hallmark properties of the CurraNZ bioactives, the anthocyanins, is their considerable vasodilatory effects. Studies have shown the supplement widens main arterial diameter 6.9%-8.2%, delivering to up to 45% improvements in blood flow7,8.

Researchers have also observed that quadricep muscles demonstrate 11%-16% less activity, indicating the muscle worked to the same intensity, but with reduced effort7.

Additionally, researchers have observed CurraNZ-induced increases to cardiac output (28%), heart stroke volume (18%) and enhanced utilisation and uptake of oxygen in muscle2,11 (38%).

Researchers have observed a cumulative effect of dosing with blackcurrant extract, showing changes in main arterial blood flow after four days (25%), but even greater responses (45%) at seven days8


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