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We asked customers what they thought about CurraNZ - here's what they said...

on June 28, 2018

At CurraNZ one thing that we value the most is customer feedback. Our customers are the foundation of our business and hearing the effects our magic berries are having on people is something that makes us extremely proud.

We carried out a customer survey in order to get some greater insights into the effects and changes users of CurraNZ have felt. We had an outstanding response to the survey with almost 200 respondees revealing some highly interesting results, which we share below.

When asked, ‘If taking CurraNZ for sports recovery, have you noticed a reduction in muscle soreness?’ A staggering 89% of you agreed. These recovery benefits are courtesy of the antioxidant and blood flow-boosting effects of blackcurrants, which reduce oxidative stress and speed up tissue repair. This is supported by our research that shows CurraNZ increases blood flow by up to 35%. The speed of muscle recovery is dependent two main things: the delivery of oxygen and other vital nutrients to your muscles, and the removal of waste products such as lactate from your muscles

Keeping in the sports and fitness category, we asked ‘If taking CurraNZ for sports and fitness, have you noticed a change in performance while training/competing? 83% of you responded with a resounding yes! Want to know our secret? As previously mentioned, CurraNZ improves blood flow by up to 35% and also improves the body’s fuelling system by increasing fat burning by 21%-27% in men and women. The primary function of blood is to transport nutrients and compounds around the body. Increased blood flow = increased oxygen supply to your muscles during exercise. As a result, your muscles are able to work at the same intensity for less effort, leading to reduced fatigue too!

So, after just two questions, we found that CurraNZ helps over three-quarters of people with muscle soreness and with performance during competitions or training. Pretty incredible right?

The next two questions addressed more general health and energy levels: ‘Since taking CurraNZ have you noticed an increase in energy levels?’ with 74% of people responding with yes.

Muscle soreness reduction, tick. Increased performance levels, tick. Increased energy levels, tick.

The final question was targeted at general health and immunity : ‘Since taking CurraNZ have you noticed a positive change in your general health and immunity?’ Again, an overwhelmingly positive 68% replied ‘yes’.

Again, there is world-wide scientific research that underlines the fact that Blackcurrants may be beneficial for antioxidant defence, heart and cardiovascular health, brain health and immunity! This is down to one very important compound… anthocyanins! These naturally occurring plant compounds are responsible for giving fruit their deep purple colouring. They’re antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and have circulation boosting actions. The combination of these benefits helps to fight free radical attacks and oxidative stress improving immunity and overall health, whilst helping protect against ageing and disease.