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  • Trial shows black elderberry extract offers benefit against Covid-19

Trial shows black elderberry extract offers benefit against Covid-19

on July 01, 2022

Black elderberry extract has been shown to reduce symptoms and shorten duration of flu(1,2) and has been used for centuries with seasonal viruses.

Several Covid-19 trials are underway examining its potential effects with the virus that has led to the global Pandemic.

Early data from one study shows for the first time that black elderberry extract can inhibit the replication of Coronavirus, at low concentrations.

The findings are great news, as elderberry’s excellent anti-viral properties made it a natural choice to include in our Immuno3B botanical formulation showcased in CurraNZ Immune.

Our ‘berry blast’ contains a super-complex of black elderberry, blueberry and CurraNZ blackcurrant extracts, all shown to offer a multitude of health-promoting actions, as well as anti-viral properties.

Completing the CurraNZ Immune formulation, is a powerful blend of Vitamins C, D and A, plus beta glucans and selenium, all from natural sources.

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