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Top Tips to keep your fitness on track this silly season

on December 13, 2018

The festive season can be a difficult time to keep your exercise and diet in check. Christmas parties usually mean alcohol and hangovers, which together can leave you struggling to progress with your normal routine. It's inevitable that festive fun is going to happen, so it's a case of balancing as best you can. Here are the London Fitness Guy's Christmas health tips to achieve this:           

  1. Become a morning person

A busy schedule during the festive season can leave you struggling to get to the gym. Therefore, my advice is to prioritise your mornings to complete your workout. Even if this means getting up an hour earlier, you’ve ticked it off your to-do list, meaning you can enjoy your Christmas parties with no regrets. If you do struggle with time in the morning, try a home workout – you can find plenty of workout inspiration on my Instagram page!  

  1. Mindful Meal Prepping

Ensure your fridge is always stocked up with nutritious and balanced meal options. If you are planning any big nights out, try prepping your meals beforehand, leaving less chance of a visit from Deliveroo. Christmas also means endless supplies of chocolate and treats in the workplace, so ensure to make sure you have plenty of healthy snack options to hand such as nuts or dried fruit to help you curb cravings and eat healthily over Christmas.   

  1. Health-Conscious Drinking    

Remember to stay hydrated if you are on a boozy office night-out. A glass of water in between alcoholic drinks will help slow down your alcohol consumption whilst allowing your body to process the alcohol, meaning a more tolerable hangover the following day and a more productive gym session. If you are conscious about preventing weight-gain, then swap your regular beer or wine with a low-calorie gin or vodka option instead.   

  1. Set short term goals

Setting short term, realistic goals over the festive period can help you stay motivated. Whether it's to improve your 5K running time or lift a heavier weight on your bench press, having a Christmas Fitness plan in place and giving yourself a revived focus ensures you are more likely to maintain your exercise routine. 

  1. Be active

If you are struggling to make the gym post those festive nights out, one of the easiest ways of staying on track is to simply 'be more active.' Increasing your step count means a higher activity level and a higher energy expenditure each day. Small changes such as walking to the Tube rather than getting the bus or taking the stairs rather than using the lift can drive a big change. So, get stepping on and off the dance floor this festive period!