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Start the new year right and fast-track your goals

on December 18, 2023

If you’ve heralded 2024 with a new determination to prioritise your health or increase your fitness, then what’s going to change this year?

A good place to start is your diet, and focusing on foods that can support your goals.

Fortunately, CurraNZ is a superb food-based supplement that mimics the health effects of exercise and really packs a punch.

Take it as a capsule, add it to smoothies or juices - it's versatile and convenient to fit around your schedule. Naturally sourced. No mess. No fuss.

Made from a berry powerhouse, New Zealand blackcurrants, CurraNZ is a force to be reckoned with, thanks to our supplement’s product-specific, well-researched health and fitness benefits.

New Zealand Blackcurrants are a rich source of anthocyanins with 1.5 times the concentrations of European-grown varieties. The polyphenol compounds play an important role in energy and fat metabolism. 

CurraNZ has been shown to improve:  

  • Fat metabolism
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Exercise performance
  • Recovery after exercise, less soreness and fatigue

Incorporating CurraNZ into your daily routine will turn on your fat burner, at rest (1) and during exercise (2-4). 

The cumulative effects over a year could burn an additional 0.5 kg – 20.8 kg of fat.  

One week’s intake of 2 capsules of CurraNZ delivers fat burning improvements normally seen after 1-3 months of daily endurance exercise – a remarkable finding that has been repeatedly validated in over ten years of research.

And the best part is, CurraNZ can help burn fat in common problem areas.

A recent study showed women with larger deposits of fat on their thighs displayed the highest rates of fat burning with CurraNZ. 

Researchers tested a group of 12 recreationally active women during 30 minutes of brisk walking, after taking two capsules of CurraNZ, for seven days. The findings revealed CurraNZ:


  • Increased fat burning by an average 25%
  • Increased fat burning by an average of 32% and up to 66% in those who responded to the supplement
  • Nine improved by 14% or more

 And those with larger concentrations of fat on their legs benefited more than those with fat localised to their arms.

Researchers believe this is because adipocytes (fat cells) in the legs may contribute more to fat burning during exercise than cells located in the arms or abdomen.  

Read our best-use fat burning guide to CurraNZ by clicking here.


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