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Recovery benefits of blackcurrants deliver for ambassador in Auckland marathon

on October 31, 2018

CONGRATULATIONS are in order to our newest ambassador and cancer survivor Claire Whittle, who completed the Auckland marathon at the weekend, with help from CurraNZ.

Originally from England, Claire emigrated to New Zealand in January and to celebrate, signed up for the iconic Kiwi event, which she duly completed in a time of three hours and 50 minutes, just ten minutes shy of her target time.

We met a delighted Claire after the race. She said: “My time was a bit slower than I wanted, but I’m still standing, happy to have done it and feel good. My first half was faster than expected but it was more hilly than I thought it would be. My muscles feel great, even now after just finishing.”

Claire became passionate about running after suffering from breast cancer at age of 25. After successful treatment including surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy, she focused on becoming strong and healthy again and, after eight years of being cancer-free, is showing others it is possible to not only survive, but to thrive.

The Aucklander, who also has the London and Edinburgh marathons amongst her list of achievements, follows the Hanson marathon program, which offers little time for respite with consecutive six-day training blocks.

Claire says: “Whilst looking at ways to combat aching muscles and speed up recovery time, my research led me to the CurraNZ solution.

“The Hanson program involves training six days a week and the idea is cumulative training on tired muscles.

“The product has truly made a difference and has helped me reach my latest goal. Recovery has been the most important thing to me and I’ve been able to keep going day after day with my training, thanks to CurraNZ.

“It’s two days on from the marathon and I’m really surprised at how good my muscles are feeling. I’m really happy – CurraNZ has really made a difference!”

With barely the marathon over, Claire is looking to her next goal and setting more PBs.

“I love being active and appreciate health and well-being more than ever. I would love to break the sub 3.40 barrier in order to qualify for the Boston marathon. I’m aiming for a faster 10km time and will be doing a 100km walk as part of a team in a 24-hour event. I will continue to use the product for my next challenge and setting new goals.”