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Not just for athletes, blackcurrants deliver big benefits for the over-50s

on June 01, 2019

AS powerful antioxidants, blood-flow promoters and anti-inflammatory agents, blackcurrants can offer fantastic health benefits as we age.

Blackcurrants have a unique combination of red and blue anthocyanins that are not present in any other fruits or vegetables. 

These potent compounds can activate the human body’s naturally occurring antioxidant and other defence systems, allowing it to better handle everyday stressors, increased activity and age-related health issues.

Here, we run through some of blackcurrant's broad-spectrum actions.

Heart health

According to the American Heart Association, 70.2% of men and 79.0% of women between the ages of 69 and 79 will experience some sort of heart disease. About 66% of all cardiovascular-related deaths occur in people 75 and older.

Dietary patterns are key culprits in the development of cardiovascular disease. Studies have suggested that the anthocyanin component of berries offer comprehensive protection against a multitude of risk factors. 

They also help reduce blood pressure - watch this space as we soon release new exciting findings in CurraNZ-specific studies.  

Brain health

Berries may offer a powerful defence for brain health, with neuro-degenerative decline among the top killers in the ageing population.

Research has shown that the antioxidant properties of blackcurrants, combined with their effect on blood flow, are powerful guardians for maintaining memory and cognition, and protecting brain health.

Aches, pains and inflammation

Staying mobile gets harder as you get older, and arthritis, aches and pains make exercise and activity all the more challenging. Even a day's gardening can be hard on the muscles, leaving you sore the next day.

As most of our customers know, blackcurrant is excellent for reducing muscle soreness, and is also a natural anti-inflammatory. 

Those challenged with elevated levels of inflammation in the body, which often leads to age-related conditions, may benefit from using blackcurrants daily.


The body’s blood vessel network suffers from wear and tear as people get older, with arteries and veins becoming inflamed, clogged with fatty deposits and suffering from general congestion.

Blackcurrant compounds relax the body’s blood vessels, thereby increasing circulation and delivery of blood, oxygen and nutrients to all the extremities of the body.

Anthocyanins also reduce inflammatory markers and help maintain the integrity of blood vessels


The extract we use in CurraNZ has been scientifically proven to support immune function and this is one of the most common pieces of feedback we receive. Customers suffer fewer colds and flu with CurraNZ.

In one study on NZ blackcurrants, the anthocyanins were found to be highly effective in eliminating four strains of influenza flu virus. It demonstrated potent anti-viral properties.

Blackcurrant anthocyanins also help the immune system respond to threats and improve the T ‘killer’ cells, thereby providing a multi-pronged defence to stay well.