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  • Elite international football referee hails CurraNZ for 'huge benefits' ahead of World Cup in Russia

Elite international football referee hails CurraNZ for 'huge benefits' ahead of World Cup in Russia

on February 16, 2018

AN elite FIFA-accredited football referee has joined the growing number of football professionals to hail CurraNZ for its game-changing fitness benefits.

Matthew Conger is New Zealand's only international male referee who will be officiating at the Football World Cup this year,. He has become a major fan of CurraNZ following months of rigorous product testing and travelling the world with his FIFA commitments.

His verdict? “I am incredibly grateful to have been recommended CurraNZ. It has been hugely beneficial in my matches, recovery and training as an international football referee.”

Matthew has observed game-changing benefits from using our blackcurrant extract, particularly around improvements in sprint speed, stamina, mental acuity and recovery from training, matches and travel. He's not the only professional in football who recognises this either, with a growing number of English Premiership Football clubs like Tottenham Hotspur latching onto its match-influencing benefits.

Matthew’s burgeoning international career is breaking the ceiling in New Zealand, where football isn’t a sport Kiwis are best known for.

The 2017 New Zealand Football Referee of the Year has been selected to officiate at the FIFA World Cup in Russia in July.

FIFA requires referees to submit regular fitness data and undergo assessments. Ultra-fit Matthew, 39, says: “We are regularly required to pass speed and high-intensity fitness tests in order to be appointed to matches or international tournaments. Matthew observes that football is ‘getting faster and faster and the physical requirements of the referee are as demanding as those of the players, who are often considerably younger’.

“Using CurraNZ has been instrumental in improving my average sprint speed over 40m as well as increased stamina for high-intensity and repeat sprint ability.

“I have also observed increased stamina during matches, especially in the latter stages when decision-making can be even more critical. I get a ‘bump of energy’ around 70 minutes, taking me through 90 minutes and beyond.”

From Palmerston North, Matthew has been operating on the international stage for several years, refereeing at a host of high-profile events, notably the 2017&2015 FIFA Club World Cups and 2016 Rio Olympics, 2017 U20 World Cup Korea and 2015 U20 World Cup New Zealand.

“All of the international matches or FIFA training seminars in require extensive travel and I need to hit the ground running. With CurraNZ I have felt a noticeable improvement in my recovery after travel, and am ready to referee or train at maximum capacity almost immediately.”