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Customer reveals: 'I'm a normal Joe Blogs who has lost over 20kg and want to show that CurraNZ works for anyone'

on October 30, 2018

WE are delighted to reveal how one customer, John Walters, has used CurraNZ to support him in a hugely successful eight-week fat-loss challenge, which saw him lose a staggering 20 kg.

John, 37, from Rolleston, Canterbury, started using CurraNZ three weeks into a prescriptive diet and exercise weight-loss challenge, run by his local F45 gym. He set himself a ‘crazy’ task of dipping ‘under the ton’ with his weight loss in that period - and went very close to achieving it.

John, who owns a catering company (‘which was part of the problem!’), reveals his motivation for his weight loss: "I was sick of being fat, my old man’s a big fella, mum was big too and got sick. You look at things and realise it's time to make a change.

"I started the challenge weighing 122.1 kg and got down to 102.1 kg – which was the most out of everyone involved in the local F45 gym.

“After a small break, I’m doing another eight-week block, my goal is to get a six pack, haven’t had one since I was 19!

“I just want to get down to the low 90kg-mark and sit at a nice healthy weight, with more muscle definition and then look at another challenge, maybe a sporting one or possibly a marathon.”

John discovered CurraNZ after reading about the fat burning, muscle recovery and fatigue-reducing benefits and realised it could prove invaluable for his brutal six-day-a-week training regime.

“Recovery is a big thing for me. I used to do a lot of Cross-Fit which destroyed my knees and I’d always be broken for three days after a tough workout. Possible re-injury was a real concern for me and I wanted to find something that would help with fatigue. I needed something to help me cope with the exercise load and I also really wanted to make my time in the gym count for maximum results, which is what CurraNZ does.”

John uses two capsules of CurraNZ a day and says: “I was backing up every day without any problem thanks to CurraNZ, training twice a day - plus I was on a limited diet as well.

"I’ve really noticed how different I feel - I have so much energy now I’m exercising. Before I would fall asleep on the couch for a nap after work. I wish I had been this fit when I played rugby ten years ago, I’ve been lighter but never as strong and fit as I am now!

“To anyone who is looking at embarking on a weight loss or fitness challenge, I would highly recommend giving CurraNZ a try. There are so many ‘magic beans’ on the market, with untold amounts of chemicals that you don’t know what you’re really putting in your body. With CurraNZ you know exactly what’s in it (locally sourced blackcurrants) and how it can help you with fat loss and endurance when exercising. With my busy lifestyle I wanted to ensure my time in the gym was as effective as possible and taking CurraNZ helped me achieve this. 

“I also noticed a huge improvement in my knee joints after taking CurraNZ. I no longer have to wear knee braces when working out and I can now jump around the playground with my kids and not have sore knees.

“I’m excited to join CurraNZ as an ambassador as most supplement companies promote their products only through elite athletes who train eight hours a day. I am a normal Joe Blogs who wants to show that this product works for anyone from your round-the-block walker to your five-day adventure racer. It will work for you, regardless of your level of physical activity.”

Follow John's journey on Instagram: @johnwaltersnz