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Multi-sporter finds extra energy on CurraNZ

on April 07, 2022

This month's customer of the month is Matt Hunt from the Bay of Plenty who found CurraNZ to be excellent for his multisport pursuits.

He says: "I had a 10km marathon swim and had heard about the podcast with the Curranz founder and Mikki Wiliden.

"What caught my attention was the discussion around using Curranz eight days out from an endurance event. I took two capsules a day for eight days and two a couple of hours before the event. This was my seventh marathon swim and I have also completed an Ultra Marathon swim (20km).


"CurraNZ was the only thing I changed with my training regime. Not only did I find I still had stores of energy I don’t normally have for the last 45 minutes of the swim, but my recovery was also amazing.

"CurraNZ will now become part of the routine. PS I also didn’t see any sharks when I was swimming so you might want to add ‘shark repellent to the long list of benefits!"