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Mr Pineapple the ultra runner - converts to purple!

on April 12, 2024
Mark Baker, aka Mr Pineapple, can be spotted a mile away at Ultra Events in his bright yellow pineapple attire. Maybe you've seen him? We officially met at Tarawera and caught up again at The Riverhead Backyard Ultra where Mark admitted he had been converted to our magic berries.
'I've been running for 3 years, and have slowly morphed my body and mind into a place where I love going as long on the trails as possible. This has also meant that my mid-boomer body was continuously sore and aching as consistently as I was running. 
I had seen Curranz pop up at events and with the ambassadors that I totally respect, but after my running buddy told me he'd tried the little purple pills and felt the difference that was all the reason I needed.
I decided to give them a go on the lead up to the Tarawera Miler and after a week's build I felt my recovery time was improving, which gave me a little more confidence which is always welcome. I took them during the miler also, and although I picked up an injury during the event I still got across the line, and was wrapped at how quickly my body and muscles bounced back- I truly believe this was the impact Curranz had. 
My wife and I now take one every day as part of our normal wellbeing and ramp up our intake on the lead up to events. 
Thank you for not being a marketing fad and for making an impact. 
Mark Baker
(The Pineapple Guy)'