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Master's student in Strength & Conditioning finds great benefits with CurraNZ

on November 17, 2022

Emily of Emily Cavell Coaching recently did some CurraNZ testing as part of the Bivouac Wild Auckland Series - training and racing in a number of Auckland's regional parks. Emily is a Masters student in Strength & Conditioning and wasn't just interested in the results but the science behind the product and came away impressed on both counts. 

"I'd seen CurraNZ around on the Instagram pages of several runners I follow and been really curious to try it for myself. When the opportunity came up to test it out over the course of the Wild Auckland Series I jumped on it straight away! While I waited for my CurraNZ to be delivered, I read a few research papers specifically done on New Zealand blackcurrants so I could understand their benefits on a physiological level. For anyone who doesn't know me, I'm a Master's student in Strength & Conditioning, and self-confessed exercise science nerd. I was impressed with the meaningful results the studies reported (increased fat oxidation, greater endurance performance, improved recovery and perception of muscle soreness). One study even focused on females and this increase in fat oxidation was still present, which is awesome because females naturally lean more towards fat oxidation than males, and some supplements don't work as well for us as they do for men! Long story short; Blackcurrants are a well-supported sports supplement for endurance performance, for both females and males. 

Personally, I immediately noticed an improvement in the severity of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) I would normally experience after long trail races and heavy strength sessions in the gym. I'm really looking forward to seeing some performance benefits once I overcome a little knee injury I've picked up as well. I would highly recommend CurraNZ to any runners wanting to improve their recovery and reduce DOMS!"