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Kiwi legend Scotty Hawker joins Team CurraNZ

on December 06, 2023

We’re thrilled to announce that Kiwi running legend, Scotty Hawker, has joined the CurraNZ team of ambassadors.

The professional athlete from Christchurch has tested his mettle amongst the world’s leading ultra-endurance runners down the years and finished third at UTMB and second in CCC.

However, a disappointing start to the 2023 season had Scotty was wondering if his best days were behind him, until a CurraNZ-fuelled career revival led him to abandon thoughts of potential retirement and reignite ambitions of UTMB World Series success in 2024.

The 36-year-old Christchurch ultra-marathoner staged a remarkable career revival in Europe and South America after adding our award-winning product to his supplement regime.

After observing US and New Zealand professional athletes Hayden Hawk, Ruth Croft, Dan Jones and Caitlin Fielder using the our supplement in the lead-up to UTMB in September, Scotty followed suit - and his impressive career revival began.

Scotty says: “CurraNZ has been a great find that has absolutely changed my capacity to do the work required and compete with the best. It’s shown me that my best days may be yet to come as a professional athlete.

“I genuinely feel if I have my best day out at UTMB and it all flowed, there’s no doubt I can stand on that podium again.”

Scotty went on to break multiple stage records on his six-day, 250km  stage race debut in the Atacama Crossing, just three weeks later.

“I was taking six CurraNZ capsules each day and like UTMB, I felt really consistent, had fast recovery and felt mentally great. Day after day I felt stronger and better, which really got my competitive juices flowing – so I couldn’t help but attack the records.

“I was expecting to feel destroyed after UTMB but I was able to push hard, get the food in, wake up and go again every day, when everyone else around me was falling apart. I’ve also seen improvements to my carb intake and tolerance too. I didn’t have a moment’s worry with the usual GI issues, which is unbelievable really, given how hard I pushed myself and the intensity of the conditions.”

We’re delighted to welcome Scotty to the team and look forward to following his season in 2024.