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  • 'I've never felt this good post race' - Blue Lake 24hr Challenger takes historic win

'I've never felt this good post race' - Blue Lake 24hr Challenger takes historic win

on October 05, 2022

We love hearing about our customers doing great things (and not getting too sore in the process!).

We received this lovely email from a grateful runner (Jane from the Waikato) who took part in the Blue Lake 24 Challenge at Rotorua last month. Jane ran a lap every hour for 24 hours and was not only the first woman to cross the line, she was also the first woman to have completed the 24hr challenge - ever

"I just wanted to say thanks. I'm pretty sure Curranz have saved me from a world of pain! I've been taking them for a couple of months now and thought during training I wasn't getting as bad DOMS as usual post my long runs.

"I've just raced at Blue Lake 24 hour challenge this weekend and can honestly say I've never felt this good post-race. My legs aren't as sore. My knee that is usually quite swollen and sore due to an old injury isn't sore at all.

"I can actually walk normally! I just don't hurt the way I usually would for a few days afterwards.

"I'm confident Curranz have played a big part in my recovery. Even my family who aren’t runners have said they’ve never seen me this good post big long race before! 

"So thank you. I'll be telling everyone who will listen what a great product this is."

Thank you for your feedback Jane - we’re glad CurraNZ has played a big part in your training and race day results.