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'I've been very ill over the past few years but my life is so different after taking CurraNZ for three months'

on July 15, 2019

WE often hear how CurraNZ’s ‘health housekeeping’ properties have helped people regain their energy and vitality after periods of illness, and this UK customer's story is one such example.

Heather Morris, 61, from Kent, has suffered poor health over the last few years with a range of serious challenges. She has faced multiple life-threatening situations requiring hospitalisation and medication that has taken took a major toll on her life.  

She started seeing a local nutritionist, Kate Shilland (pictured with Heather, above), who recommended CurraNZ

Heather writes:

"I am writing to let you how much I appreciate the product Curranz, which I’ve been using for three months. 

My name is Heather, I am 61 years old and live in Kent. 

I have been very ill over the past few years. Both of my lungs have collapsed, I had total organ failure, and sepsis twice.

I also suffer from other ailments including COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), a very weak immune system, Atrial Fibrillation (irregular heartbeat) and PSC, a liver disease. 

I have recently been in hospital again with an exacerbation of my COPD. Consequently, I was quite ill and on eight steroids a day.

This left me very lethargic. I had no energy or enthusiasm to do anything at all. I was not motivated and put on a lot of weight. 

I have been seeing Kate Shilland, an amazing nutritionist, who advised me to start taking Curranz, which I did. 

My life is so much different now. My energy levels have increased so much and I am now going out daily. I am so positive with so much to look forward to now. 

I know that it is using Curranz that has helped the new ‘me’.

I am writing to thank you very much for your amazing product that has helped me to enjoy life again. 

Kind Regards

Heather Morris