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  • Sam Harvey hails CurraNZ as he eyes new world record

Sam Harvey hails CurraNZ as he eyes new world record

on April 17, 2024

New Zealand's ultra-runner extraordinaire, Sam Harvey, has his sights on setting a new benchmark in world ultra-running this year.

Watch this video to hear his insights and experience of using CurraNZ, after equalling the world record in 2023.

Last year, Sam tackled the formidable Dead Cow Gully, covering an astonishing distance of 667km in five days. This time, he's looking to improve on that distance.

For those unfamiliar with the Backyard Ultra, it is a unique endurance event that tests participants' mental and physical fortitude. The format is simple yet grueling: runners must complete a 6.7km loop within the span of one hour. Those who finish before the hour is up must wait for the next loop to begin, and the process repeats until only one runner remains standing.

Watch Sam's video now