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"From diet to kit, this is the best thing I've found in my endurance career"

on February 20, 2021
THIS month's sports customer of the month winner is Ironman athlete, Julian Shepperd, from Southampton, who discovered CurraNZ when invited to be an athlete subject in a performance study. 
Julian writes: "I participated in a study in mid 2020 where the University was examining the athletic performance benefits of New Zealand blackcurrants.
"I had no idea the product being tested was CurraNZ, until after the study was completed.
"There were four tests overall, two were practice, one with a placebo and one with CurraNZ.
"I had no idea which was which... but I certainly knew when I jumped on the bike for one of the tests, my power was higher for a lower heart rate. 
"I must say I was blown away by the performance improvements and when I found out what the product was, I started buying it immediately.
"The performance improvements are great but not only that, the recovery benefits have been huge.
"I can pretty much train day after day with CurraNZ - and we all know that consistency is the key for endurance athletes. Plus, it reduces the risk of getting illnesses, allowing me to deliver training consistency.
"I train about 15 hours a week and now take CurraNZ every day.

"It's the best thing that I have found (anything from diet to kit....and I’ve tried most things!) in my endurance career!"