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Formulator reveals why CurraNZ Immune stands out from the crowd

on April 07, 2022

Recently we launched our new product, CurraNZ® Immune Support, a blockbuster formulation of polyphenols, botanicals, vitamins and minerals.

What makes it different from other products on the market?

Here, our expert product formulator reveals the points of difference that sets CurraNZ Immune apart.

Mike Wakeman is the expert formulator who developed CurraNZ Immune

Mike Wakeman (left) is a highly respected clinical pharmacist with a Master’s in Pharmaceutical Analysis, Nutritional Medicine and Clinical Oncology.

As well as being a published author of peer-reviewed studies, Mike is also an expert in polyphenols. Here, Mike discusses what he has achieved with CurraNZ Immune, and its differentiating features from other products. 

He says: “This new Curranz formulation is very different from the frequently seen Immune support offerings.

“The very fact that the immune-supporting vitamins are derived from natural, rather than synthetic sources makes it stand out in its own right. 

“But then to include beta glucans and a combination of anthocyanins from four different fruit sources ­– all demonstrated to effectively support immunity – is a further point of clear differentiation.

 “The benefits of polyphenol-rich fruits are only now becoming fully appreciated by scientists, but uniformity of product is essential to ensure meaningful research can be performed. Curranz products consistently deliver this which means that consumers can be assured of the highest quality as well as guaranteed efficacy.”

With the explosion in the scientific understanding of plant phytochemicals for health and immunity, we are proud to launch CurraNZ® Immune Support, a 100% natural food supplement blend of bioactives from polyphenols, botanicals, vitamins and minerals.

Featuring the powerful Immuno3BTM super-complex, CurraNZ® Immune Support is a proprietary formulation of nutrient-dense botanical polyphenol compounds courtesy of CurraNZ® blackcurrant 35% extract, plus blueberries and elderberries.

To read more about the ingredients in CurraNZ Immune, click here