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Find your fitness groove in 2022

on December 24, 2021


WITH a new year upon us, what are you going to do differently on your fitness journey in 2022?

Whether starting from scratch or upping your game, re-evaluating your program or becoming more active is on most people's list of new year's resolutions.

Unfortunately, 80% of people abandon them by February.

If you want your fitness journey to last the distance in 2022, here’s how CurraNZ can help you find that new, fitter you.    


 CurraNZ aids recovery from hard exercise


Don’t be one of the 80% who fail miserably in their new year’s resolution to exercise more. Most people give up by January 19 - known as ‘Quitter’s Day’ – and are back on the couch by the second week of February.

Lack of time, unrealistic expectations and muscle soreness are the main hurdles to successful fitness resolutions. As anyone who has started an exercise program will know, muscle soreness and fatigue can hit newcomers hard and present major barriers - even before you've formed the habit. 

Whilst we can’t solve your diary challenges, CurraNZ can help reduce the muscle pain that deters many from returning to the gym. 

New studies have shown CurraNZ to be one of the very best natural interventions for exercise recovery.

Our latest data showed that for newcomers to resistance training, CurraNZ reduces muscle soreness by half and accelerates recovery three-times faster, so you can ‘train and repeat’ like a pro. (Research here)

Tip: For best results take one-two capsules of CurraNZ every day, one-two hours before exercise.





CurraNZ is a brilliant natural dietary hack with a clear health message for improving outcomes from regular exercise.  

The unique characteristics of our extract create an optimal cellular and anti-inflammatory environment, to reduce the effects of physical stress and prime the body for exercise.


CurraNZ blackcurrants can help maximise your exercise results


CurraNZ is a proven natural fat burner, increasing fat ‘oxidation’ rates between 30% and 66% during exercise, depending on your body mass.

Enhanced fat burning is a natural consequence of exercise, but CurraNZ stimulates this adaptation in as little as a week and delivers improvements usually only seen after four weeks of daily exercise.

This is great news for dieters, because the ‘CurraNZ effect’ is even more pronounced in overweight and unhealthy individuals – the groups with the poorest fat-burning rates - with average increases of 66%.

Tips for best results: Take one-two capsules daily. Effects improves with longer use – but must be taken daily and in conjunction with sensible diet and regular exercise.


CurraNZ is incredibly effective for improving blood flow and the health and function of arteries and vessels. This in turn, lowers blood pressure and stress in the cardiovascular system during exertion.

This means that muscles don't work so hard and therefore, you’ll experience lower levels of fatigue during exercise.

The result? Using CurraNZ can make exercise easier, reduce the rate of perceived exertion so you can go further without trying - and is a big winner for older and unfit people who find activity difficult. 

Tips for best results: Take one-two capsules, two hours before exercising. Take daily.



Excitingly, the mechanism of blackcurrant puts it at an advantage to other antioxidant sources (namely Vitamin C and E), which have been shown to impair beneficial responses to training.

Blackcurrants, as polyphenols, have a different mode of action and prime the body for exercise.

As a health concept, CurraNZ has broader benefits thanks to its unique management of oxidative stress and inflammation in response to exercise. Too much is harmful on the body, but blocking these responses will prevent positive downstream fitness benefits.

Blackcurrants help manage these responses in the appropriate way, at the appropriate time, and enhance the health and fitness benefits from the sweat investment you put into your body.


CURRANZ Blackcurrant extract 30 capsules

The mistake most people make is forgetting to take their CurraNZ, or only using it sporadically.

Daily use is best, so find your new routine, because it's no good sitting untouched in a cupboard.

Set an alarm, put it somewhere to remind you to take it, such as your bedside table, kitchen bench, work desk or handbag.