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Dougal Allan delivers inspiring performance in Iron Maori

on December 03, 2018

WE caught up with on-fire CurraNZ triathlon ambassador Dougal Allan last weekend, when he raced the iconic Iron Maori 70.3 triathlon in Napier, New Zealand.

The event, in its tenth year, encourages Maori to get ‘off the couch’ and involved in exercise, as well as encouraging healthy lifestyle and nutrition habits. As a result, this hugely popular event’s focus is to get people participating, no matter what their level, shape or size and has changed the lives of many people since its inception.

Dougal says: "The overriding rationale for my participation with the event is to connect an elite/professional athlete with the maori community at grassroots level, to inspire participants to see the sport as a way of achieving a healthy life but also to see it as a sport that offers professional opportunities (for the young ones)."

One of the first elite athletes to take part in the event, Dougal put on a spectacle for everyone, with the South Islander showing the course respect with a terrific winning performance that would see him take high ranking in any professional field. It was also an opportunity for aspiring athletes to see the internationally-ranked athlete at full tilt.

We had the absolute privilege of spending time and interviewing this NZ legend, and hear first hand how CurraNZ is proving a game changer for his training, racing and immunity with his hectic travelling schedule.

“Looking back now, having used the product for about 18 months, I think I have become more consistent personally and professionally, in training and racing, which has a spin off in me as a father and husband.

“My training is consistently better, which feeds into my race performances and I have noticed I don’t pick up colds like I used to. I don’t think I have been sick once since using CurraNZ.

“It has genuinely been a game changer for me and I encourage my family, friends and athletes I coach to use it, because of its fantastic health benefits and ways in which it can help people to reach their fitness goals.

“I just don’t want to tell everyone I compete against to use it, it’s been my secret weapon!”