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CurraNZ Partners with Grand To Grand Ultra for Epic Endurance Challenge

on April 17, 2024

Grand To Grand Ultra – could this be you?

We’re delighted to announce CurraNZ is teaming up with Grand to Grand Ultra, one of the world’s most iconic endurance foot races held over 7 days in Arizona and Utah every September.

A six-stage, 275km race that starts from the awe-inspiring Grand Canyon and takes you across the some of the remotest parts of continental America, finishing at the Grand Staircase in Utah, the Grand to Grand Ultra will answer the call of every brave adventurer and ultra-runner looking for an experience of a lifetime.  

As a best-in-class supplement that delivers big wins for endurance athletes, CurraNZ is a fantastic product alignment for America’s first self-supported stage footrace that tests even the hardiest, gnarliest runners.

With its performance, recovery and gut-supporting properties, CurraNZ is the essential supplement companion for every G2G Ultra competitor.

Get involved with G2G in September with our great offer!

If you’re looking for ‘the next big thing’, and up for the challenge, we have a fantastic opportunity to get involved.

Thanks to G2G, we have a few race entries available with a 25% discount, plus we’ll kit you out with CurraNZ in a five-month ambassador package.

Spaces are limited, so if you're ready to conquer America's greatest multi-day stage race, then get in touch!  

Email for more details.