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  • 'CurraNZ has changed everything for me, it's given me light at the end of the tunnel with my arthritis and overall health'

'CurraNZ has changed everything for me, it's given me light at the end of the tunnel with my arthritis and overall health'

on July 19, 2018


Nick Chappelow, 41, is one of our UK customers who recently wrote in to tell us his amazing story. In just six months, CurraNZ has helped him lose a huge amount of weight and come off heavy painkillers for the severe arthritis he has suffered for 26 years.

Nick has had Ankylosing Spondylitis since he was 15 and been reliant on a host of medications and injections to manage the debilitating condition, which affects his lower spine, hips, knees, ankles, hands and shoulder. Some of the drug side-effects has led to impaired immunity, leading to regular infections and illnesses.

After six months’ of using CurraNZ daily, the chef has seen his health change dramatically and he has reclaimed his life, in ‘more ways than I can tell you’, describing himself as ‘unrecognisable’.

Now off painkillers and reducing his medication, his doctors are astonished at the scope and speed of his progress, describing it as ‘amazing’. Now a regular gym-goer, Nick is able to train every morning thanks to CurraNZ and has managed to lose stones in weight too.

“I read about CurraNZ in a newspaper article. I’m skeptical about these ‘super cures’ which don’t ring true, but when I looked on the CurraNZ website and saw scientific bits and bobs supporting the product, I thought ‘I’m going to try this’.

“The immune-promoting and anti-inflammatory properties piqued my interest. I always come down with colds and infections – winter is horrendous for me – because of my medication. I figured that if I can get my immune system to improve, stop attacking itself and reduce my inflammation, this should really benefit me

“Plus it ticked the boxes with the muscle recovery and fat burning, which was only going to help with my exercise goals.

“I started on CurraNZ when I was halfway through a gym program, I was trying to help myself with some exercise and lose some weight. Previously I’d had no inclination to do anything - I was in too much pain. With CurraNZ, I found that in the mornings I wasn’t as stiff and didn’t need to walk around to loosen myself up like before.

“Now I’m at the gym every morning, I am training harder, and have gone from 19 stone to 13 stone but now I am putting on lots of muscle. I was never able to do that before.”

Critically, Nick (pictured above, before his transformation) observed improvements to his arthritis, which reduced made work and family life difficult.

“When I was bad, I was eight or nine on the pain scale. I wasn’t a ten because I could still function but the pain zaps your energy, makes you feel lethargic and anything you try to do would hurt. It doesn’t matter how much medication you take, the pain is always there, so you are always fighting against something that doesn’t allow you to do anything.

“Plus, it became worst as I got older and had a bout of swine flu that set everything off.

“Now, after CurraNZ, I’m off all my painkillers but just use some paracetamol if I need it. The pain is sporadic and I might get some slight aches and pains, but nothing like it was.”

This winter was the true test of CurraNZ, signaling the first time he didn’t succumb to endless colds and damp-induced pain in his joints.

“Winter is normally horrendous for me. This year though, I didn’t have a cold or flu, not even a sniffle, which is unheard of, as I’d normally get sick every couple of months.

“Plus, with winter, the damp gets into my hips and is so painful. This year that didn’t happen. That’s the God’s honest truth.

“There is such a noticeable difference, I’m able to do more, have more energy and am now also able to play with my 11-year-old daughter. I can take her swimming now and did a six-mile bike ride with her last weekend, which I couldn’t think about doing before.  

“I’m still getting better by the day too, my health is better, my ability in the gym is better, my energy…. I can’t tell you all the things that I’m doing now that I couldn’t do in the past – cross-training, riding bikes, strength and conditioning in the gym, doing things with my family. I couldn’t even think about doing that two years ago. I’ve lost ten inches off my waist and chest and everybody is flabbergasted by the change in me.

“It’s phenomenal. My wife has known me for 20 years and has seen me at my worst and now I’m at my best. She can’t believe I can run up the stairs now!

“I’m so happy that an amazing product like this exists, because it has changed everything for me, and it is natural with no side effects. I champion Curranz to everyone I speak to – but they don’t know half the story. It’s given me light at the end of the tunnel.”