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  • The survey results are in! Customers reveal the difference CurraNZ makes to them

The survey results are in! Customers reveal the difference CurraNZ makes to them

on June 12, 2021

A big thank you to everyone who participated in our recent survey. We received some great feedback and learnt some new things about how CurraNZ is helping our customers.

Since our last survey in 2018, we now have more people taking CurraNZ for health benefits (56%) than for fitness benefits (44%).

This was a pleasant surprise because the emerging research has shown that CurraNZ has diverse and important health benefits, but we haven't been able to tell many people through mass messaging.

Here, we reveal some fascinating insights from our survey:


What are the top health benefits people use CurraNZ for?

Immunity is the top choice (66%) followed by cardiovascular health and then energy.

Of those who bought CurraNZ for improved immunity, close to 70% noticed an improvement.

One of the more unusual, less known benefits of CurraNZ is its impact on menopause. 73% who use CurraNZ for menopause have seen an improvement.



Fitness audience insights

80% purchased the product for the muscle recovery properties

75% also purchased for its performance benefits.

Almost half of all CurraNZ customers also cited 'making their work outs more effective' - and helping them reach their weight management goals.

Of those who used the product for recovery, almost 97% said they noticed the difference

73% noticed an increase in energy.

Runners and cyclists make up the top two categories of our fitness users, followed by walkers