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Veteran of over 200 marathons thriving on running in her 60s

on October 18, 2023

Meet our Customer of the Month, the unstoppable Debra Arnold, a veteran marathoner and ultra runner who has completed 213 marathons. 

Debra recalls: "I came across an article about the benefits of taking CurraNZ years back - and thought it was worth a try. I was clocking up high mileage in back-to-back marathons and longer events and wanted to do my best to support my body due to the heavy load.

"At the same time I’d been diagnosed with Osteoarthritis and was told by the specialist that he ‘felt sorry for me’ as I’d no longer be able to run."

However, since 2010 Debra has gone on to rack up another 113 marathons, defying the specialist's assumption that her diagnosis would spell the end of her running days. 

"I have to admit to having lost track of how long I’ve taken a daily dose of CurraNZ as it has become such an integral part of my nutrition regime. I also take a couple before any longer event and carry a few during ultra-events to take after 4 or 5 hours.

"In the past I ran for times in marathons and trail races but my focus has now changed. Despite age and arthritis slowing my pace, my distance endurance has changed little, enabling me to find adventure and delight in the trails and the people I meet. To still be running and enjoying long distances in my 60s has to be supported by balanced nutrition.

"I’m trusting that CurraNZ provides support for my immune system too as I rarely catch a cold and to date have avoided Covid. A struggle with hayfever from childhood whilst not eliminated, has been reduced markedly.

"I’m currently training for my 19th Kepler Challenge Trail Race and have no intention of listening to a few family and friends who think its past time for me to hang up my shoes for good."