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on December 05, 2022

CURRANZ has been named Champion Sports Nutrition Product in Europe by the industry trade body for sports nutrition, for the second time.

CurraNZ won the ESSNA marquee award of 2022 - Sports Nutrition Product of the Year

The award celebrates the best evidence-based sports nutrition product designed to enhance athletic performance and recovery.

The 2022 European Specialist Sports Nutrition Alliance title completes a remarkable double for CurraNZ, after being joint winners with Beet It Nitrate 400 Shots last year.  

The judges described CurraNZ as an "outstanding, unique, evidence-based product, used by athletes and ticks all the right boxes.

"CurraNZ is the type of actual innovation that we seek in sports nutrition; it goes far beyond making minor changes to existing formulations, and is supported by scientific evidence and broad success.

"It has wide applications as a pre- and post-workout supplement to enhance various physiological and biochemical responses, exercise performance and post-exercise recovery.

"A real strength of the application is the volume of original peer-reviewed research conducted to test and support efficacy of the supplement."

Healthspan Elite's Kickstart Gums were runners-up. 

This latest award provides more top-level industry recognition for CurraNZ, in a category that once again attracted some of the biggest sports nutrition brands in Europe. 

CurraNZ is a proprietary supplement that harnesses the unique botanical properties of the New Zealand blackcurrants, rich in the polyphenols – anthocyanins – and dietetically wrapped into a clinically proven, high potency extract, Enzans®.

The subject of a rapidly-expanding portfolio of almost 50 published studies on exercise, performance, muscle recovery and cardiometabolic health, the standardised CurraNZ New Zealand Blackcurrant Anthocyanin Extract supplement is used by some of the world’s leading sports teams and athletes.

Health Currancy UK Ltd founder, New Zealander Fleur Cushman, says. “We are ecstatic and humbled to win this award, particularly given the exceptional competition we faced in the category this year.

“As a small company that is establishing a new, novel ingredient in a competitive marketplace, receiving this award and hearing the judges’ comments is absolutely fantastic.

“We are exceptionally grateful to the academics from across Britain who continue to pursue a New Zealand blackcurrant extract research agenda using CurraNZ.

“This year, they have published another five studies, and we are looking forward to Liverpool John Moores University unveiling another breakthrough finding for muscle recovery at ISENC in mid-December.

“We are very proud that CurraNZ has exceptional benefits for supporting active users across the spectrum of the market, from grass roots consumers to elite sportspeople.

“Our research pipeline continues to provide much excitement and momentum and we look forward to unveiling more high-impact studies next year, as we approach our half century of peer-reviewed publications.”