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CurraNZ ambassadors race to running medals in Australia and UK

on September 23, 2017

Aussie ambassador races to silver and bronze medals in Sydney marathon

OUR new Australian CurraNZ ambassador, Andrew Heyden, (pictured) raced to a brilliant result in Sunday’s Sydney Marathon, also the New South Wales State and Australian Championship.

His finishing time of 2hrs 38 mins won him the silver in the State Marathon Championship and bronze in the all-Australian standings.

The 43-year-old has seen new gains this year since using CurraNZ in anger. Only two weeks ago Andrew finished fourth in the NSW Half Marathon Championship, posting his quickest time in 11 years and taking the over-40s win too. This came on the heels of a new 10km PB in July.

A regular representative for Australia, Andy says: “This was my first flat out marathon since I started on CurraNZ and the DOMS really seem reduced. My major leg muscles were sore but I was able to go for a light recovery jog on Monday. My running mates were amazed I was running the day after the race and I put it down to the CurraNZ.

"Trying to balance being a competitive runner with a busy corporate job and young family is a real juggling act. I don't have the luxury of time for massages or day time sleeps so anything than can help recovery is welcome.

"After a recommendation from a trusted elite running friend I started using CurraNZ. After four weeks I started feeling the difference - I was able to increase intensity of sessions and off the back of that, set a new 10km PB at 43 years old and backed up to race the following weekend and finish third in a marathon!"

British team runner Joasia Zakrzewski wins British masters title 

TOP BRITISH ultra-runner and marathoner Jo Zakrzewski raced to another title at the weekend using CurraNZ, this time winning the British Masters track 10,000m champs in Jarrow.

The 2014 IAAF Ultra-Runner of the Year and 12-time 50km and 100km World Championship medallist beat a field of 19 masters runners across all ages to take the win in 37.13.

Jo is planning for some world domination 'Downunder' early in the new year when travelling to Australia and New Zealand to race. Watch this space!