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CurraNZ ambassador bosses it in multi-day mountain bike race in Canada

on July 18, 2023


Top Kiwi veteran mountain biker Kath Kelly (above, centre) finally got her wish to fly to Canada and race in the BC Bike race in July,  where she triumphed in her age-group (50+) and finished 12th female overall against the elites and professionals. 

The 'Original Ultimate Singletrack Experience' is a full-throttle 7-day stage race over challenging terrain in the wilds of British Columbia, also known as the 'mecca' of mountain bike racing.

As well as winning her age group, Kath also out-raced the 40-year-old age group winner by 20 minutes!

Covering 25-50km within a certain time frame every day, Kath performed strongly throughout the event, saying: "The riding was mainly really physical and technical single track riding with some sections of steep fire road hill climbs.

"One morning started with a 9.5km gravel road section where my road biking skills came into play. Because I do all types of riding from road, cyclocross, enduro down hill and cross country it played into my skill set quite well.

"Apart from race preparation challenges due to personal commitments and a bereavement, I did everything else well which led to the end result."

Kath's dosing strategy involved two CurraNZ capsules in the morning, and another in the evening, to boost her recovery overnight.

She says: "I strongly believe that the little secret of those magic purple CurraNZ capsules aided my recovery for each day out there in the battle!
"Apart from the prologue day (the first day) I was first over the finish line by approximately 5 minutes every day, apart from the occasion I followed riders who took a wrong turn. I had to pass my closest rival, twice that day :)

"So yes I have to say I’m feeling very proud of myself for this achievement."