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Pacer turns into Miler Ultra-Marathoner and discovers CurraNZ

on May 21, 2024

For our Customer of the Month, the call came in September 2018. Ben Walker's brother, brimming with excitement and ambition, had just signed up for the Northburn 100 Mile Ultra and had two questions for him: Would he crew for him, and would he like to run the first 50 kilometers with him?

I didn't hesitate. Despite never having run a marathon before, I was all in.

Diving into the Ultra-Marathon World

That impromptu decision marked the beginning of a transformative journey. Over ten ultra-marathons later, including five grueling 100-mile races, I've discovered a passion and resilience I never knew I had.

Early in my ultra-running career, I set my sights on one of the most prestigious goals in the sport: the UTMB World Series final in Chamonix, France. Despite setbacks like Covid and changes in the qualification system, I now find myself with a coveted spot on the start line in August 2024.

Learning and Adapting

The last five years have been an intense learning curve, often feeling like an experiment of one. Balancing training and wellbeing has been paramount, requiring a focus on good sleep, nutritious food, and methodical training routines. It’s a delicate dance of pushing limits and ensuring recovery, a balance that’s crucial for sustained performance and long-term health.

Discovering CurraNZ

When I was offered the chance to try CurraNZ, a natural supplement derived from New Zealand blackcurrants, I approached it with the same methodical scrutiny I apply to my training. I recorded my daily exertion, muscle soreness, and fatigue levels. To test its effectiveness, I conducted two hill interval workouts a week apart, once with and once without CurraNZ.

The Results

The results were impressive. I had hoped for marginal gains but experienced significant improvements. After just a few days, I noticed a marked reduction in muscle soreness and fatigue, allowing me to recover faster from intense workouts. This newfound resilience meant I could string together several demanding training days and still feel strong. The CurraNZ capsules had provided a noticeable boost, becoming a valuable tool in my preparation for the UTMB 2024.

Preparing for UTMB 2024

With my ticket to Chamonix secured, my focus is sharper than ever. The UTMB is more than just a race; it's a dream that has driven me through countless miles of training and numerous challenges. Incorporating CurraNZ into my regimen has given me an edge in recovery and performance, adding to my confidence as I prepare for the demanding UTMB course.

Final Thoughts

The journey from my first ultra-marathon to preparing for the UTMB 2024 has been filled with highs, lows, and invaluable lessons. Embracing new strategies and supplements like CurraNZ has played a crucial role in my progression. As I stand on the brink of one of the biggest challenges of my running career, I’m quietly optimistic. With every step, I’m reminded of the excitement of that first phone call and the endless possibilities that lie ahead.

Here's to pushing boundaries, embracing the journey, and finding joy in every stride. See you at the start line in Chamonix!