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Are you getting the most out of your CurraNZ?

on June 15, 2021

Whether it is the first or the 50th time you have purchased CurraNZ, there may be things to consider when assessing - am I getting the most out of my purchase?

We'll cover the exercise benefits first, but read on, because the health benefits which follow are equally important. Here, we explain spectrum of natural goodness that you can receive from CurraNZ.


How can I get the most out of CurraNZ?


For active people, CurraNZ has three main benefits: It helps reduce fatigue and improves endurance, increases fat burning and helps reduce muscle soreness. 

As a rule of thumb, take two hours before a session. This is how long it will take for the blackcurrant to be absorbed and provide you with the benefit. Some people compare it to an energy boost. 

For muscle recovery: Use 1 capsule for those up to 75kg and 2 capsules if over 75kg.

You can still receive the recovery benefits if you forget to take it 2 hours before exercise - take it as close to the session as possible, even 20 minutes afterwards.

The effects last for about six hours, so if you are exercising for longer periods you can re-dose four hours after your first dose. This is a really good tip for endurance athletes who race in long events, such as IronMan or ultra-races.

Everyone is a little different, so don't be afraid to experiment and use this as a starting point. 


For general health and wellbeing, we suggest one capsule a day. 

If you're looking for the fat burning benefit, the best effect is achieved with two capsules - but it must taken daily.

For insulin sensitivity, hayfever, cardiovascular health and reducing nonenal odour, two capsules will deliver better outcomes, but will still show a benefit at the lower dose. Alternate the dosing and experiment to see what works best for you. 

A number of customers often tell us they feel different and think it's CurraNZ, but aren't sure. It is common to observe an energy increase, along with better resistance to colds and flu. 

If possible, measure or score the areas you are looking to improve before you start CurraNZ, for example, record blood sugar levels, blood pressure, or weight.

Use the product for a month and measure again. This will be enough to say categorically if you are getting benefits for those health areas.

One lady who has been on CurraNZ for three months has been using the product for her blood sugar levels, but noticed she has lost 7kgs without doing any extra exercise. 


Ways to take CurraNZ

Most people just swallow the capsules with water or a drink but it's also brilliant when added to a blender with a smoothie. Expect a flash of purple and a tang of blackcurrant tartness.

For those who are capsule-phobic, another option is to crack open the capsule and mix into yogurt or stir into apple juice.

This is a great approach for kiddies too - we suggest reducing the dose to half a capsule. As children tend to have more sensitive palates, adding it to something with some natural sweetness may be helpful to 'make the medicine go down'.


A lot of people believe you should get everything you need nutritionally from a balanced diet. This is true, but unfortunately with mineral deficiencies in the soil, we don't always receive all the nutrients we need. 

Stress and demands on our lives means we use more nutrients to cope so we need more sources of nutrients in our diet. So, while theoretically eating a balanced diet will give you everything you need, the reality is often different. 


Taking supplements to help you be your personal best is often a necessity in today's world and CurraNZ can help fulfil a number of important nutritional needs.