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CurraNZ customer strides to a new PB at the Kepler

on December 19, 2022

CurraNZ customer, Crystal from Te Anau in New Zealand, hit a new PB to finish third at the mighty Kepler trail race. Here, Crystal shares some insights from her experience.

"On Saturday, December 3, I was stoked to run a personal best in the 27km Luxmore Grunt on the Kepler Track in Te Anau.

"I’m lucky to have this track as my backyard training ground and as a local I’ve raced the full Kepler Challenge or the Luxmore Grunt every year since moving to town.

"This year was something special as I put my mind to racing hard after a year of continuing to build my endurance. There were a few variables at play, including the welcome introduction of CurraNZ daily.

"I’ve been taking one of the wee purple pills without fail each day for six months after being intrigued by Ruth Croft’s endorsement.

"I really enjoy using them as part of my routine and feel that in doing so I’m giving my body more of what it needs... Here’s to more endurance gains!'