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  • 3 races in 2 days - CurraNZ ambassador shines in a weekend of wins

3 races in 2 days - CurraNZ ambassador shines in a weekend of wins

on February 23, 2024

In the realm of endurance sports, few athletes can match the versatility and sheer determination of Rachel Mayhew. With a legacy as a champion power paddler, having been crowned the national surf ski queen a remarkable 12 times, Rachel's journey has taken an exciting turn towards multisport events.

Fueling her incredible feats is CurraNZ, a supplement that has become an integral part of her training and competition regimen.

Rachel's recent weekend of competitive biking, running, and swimming exemplifies her transition into multisport excellence. Kicking off Saturday morning with the Huka River Swim, a grueling 3.3km race in the Waikato River, Rachel wasted no time in asserting her dominance. Emerging as the 1st female finisher and an impressive 4th overall, she set the stage for a day of triumphs.

As the day progressed, Rachel seamlessly transitioned to the Kinloch Triathlon Festival, where she showcased her talents in the NZ Aquathlon Championships. Despite the rigorous demands of swimming and running, she emerged victorious in her age group (30-34yr) and clinched the 5th spot overall among female competitors.

Yet, Rachel's multisport odyssey was far from complete. With Sunday morning came the NZ Aquabike Champs, where she tackled the 200m swim-40km bike course, crossing the finish line in a remarkable 1:23:34. She outpaced her closest rival by a mere 15 seconds, securing yet another victory in her burgeoning multisport career.

As Rachel continues to push the boundaries of multisport excellence, CurraNZ stands proudly by her side, fueling her passion and determination every step of the way.