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11,000 studies and counting! How phenolics can power you into old age

on May 17, 2023

 You may have noticed that CurraNZ is a popular runner’s supplement, but its star power extends to people of all ages - and particularly older adults.

In recent years, the value of polyphenols in our diet has been thrown into sharp focus. Over 11,000 studies in the last decade have demonstrated their incredible nutritional value, with those who consume more than 650mg a day having lower death risks than those who eat less than 500mg per day. 

There has been a clear association between high polyphenol intake and enhanced longevity, cardiovascular, metabolic, and glycaemic function, with CurraNZ research clearly backing this up.  

Most plant-based foods contain polyphenols, like vegetables, fruits and whole grains, but some sources, like berries and particularly New Zealand blackcurrants, are more nutritious than others (see anthocyanin content comparison graph below).

One such example of an older population reaping the benefits of polyphenols is the people from the Japanese island of Okinawa, who live longer than anywhere else in the world and suffer from fewer incidences of common age-related conditions.

Scientists have linked the their incredible longevity record to their impressive anthocyanin intake, thanks to their high consumption of purple sweet potato – a staple in their culture.

As powerful antioxidants and blood flow promoters, CurraNZ is invaluable for helping support overall health and assisting older people to maintain an active life. 

As well as reversing damage in plant cells, anthocyanins defend against pests, diseases and environmental stressors, such as intense sunlight. They help restore the plant to ‘homeostasis’ – or its ‘normal’ state.

Several recent reviews of the CurraNZ data and overarching research on berries have led scientists to conclude that these plant bioactives should be regarded as daily dietary essentials, because of the array of important, positive health and function benefits that they provide, particularly as we get older.

And according to a recent Harvard University study, that followed nearly 80,000 middle-aged people for more than 20 years, those who consistently ate a diet high in polyphenols enjoyed better cognitive function later in life.

The good news is, it’s never too late to start.

If your vegetable, fruit and particularly, berry consumption isn’t what it could be, CurraNZ can fill an important nutrient gap to supplement your diet.

Just one 300mg capsule provides 105mg of these powerful purple anthocyanins, which have been shown in clinical trials to exert a range of clinically-significant health benefits within just one week of using CurraNZ.