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  • 1,000 miles in 12 days aged 60 - 'I didn't have any muscle soreness cycling with CurraNZ'

1,000 miles in 12 days aged 60 - 'I didn't have any muscle soreness cycling with CurraNZ'

on July 19, 2018


British CurraNZ User, keen cyclist and cancer survivor Jackie Brown, has ridden the length of Britain to mark her 60th birthday - and didn't suffer any muscle soreness using blackcurrant. 

Jackie told us: “I had aggressive breast cancer at 36, when my four children were all aged six and under. I ended up having lumpectomy, six months’ chemotherapy and radiotherapy and so to reach 60 was such an achievement that I wanted to do something special.

“When I saw the challenge, which was in aid of Women v Cancer, I thought ‘I have to do this as a celebration of reaching 60’.

Jackie and a friend took part in the 1,000-mile ride across the length of Britain, which they completed in 12 days and helped raise £125,000 for the charity.

A user of CurraNZ since 2016, she ensured she had plenty of CurraNZ on hand to boost their recovery. 

“It was tough, we were doing long distances day after day, the majority averaging at 80-90 miles, but up to 109 miles on the longest. There were three days in which we rode 100+ miles.

“My friend Kate and I took a capsule of Curranz religiously every morning.

“Neither of us had any soreness at all. We were truly amazed to find that we didn’t have any post-exercise muscle fatigue whatsoever throughout the whole ride!”

Jackie, a physiotherapist and acupuncturist in Cardiff, discovered CurraNZ through a patient who was using the product for fertility.

“I have come to specialize in fertility acupuncture in the last 15 years, supporting men and women through IVF who are struggling to conceive naturally.

“This lady told me about CurraNZ and mentioned her husband was taking it. They had been going through IVF and since he had started using CurraNZ, his sperm count had gone through the roof.

“I looked at the website and saw that CurraNZ was good for sport and cycling so decided to try it. I’m a normal 60-year-old woman and just cycle for pleasure. I average around 90-100 miles a week, I’m not an Ironman triathlete and don’t do thousands of miles on the bike, so you’d expect me to suffer from muscle soreness, particularly at my age as well.”

Then, last month, Jackie and her husband cycled the first leg of the Tour de France in the Grand Depart Classic, again in aid of charity, covering the 117 miles in a day and setting a new personal best.

She says: “I’d never cycled that distance before and we did it with a 25mph head wind on a baking hot day. My legs didn’t get tired and my husband took CurraNZ too – neither of us were stiff the next day, when we thought we would be dreadful.”