New Zealand blackcurrant extract enhances fat oxidation during submaximal exercise in the heat

SYNOPSIS: Compared to normal temperatures, the body burns less fat and more carbohydrate when exercising in the heat. Previous studies have shown that New Zealand blackcurrant extract CurraNZ increases rates of fat burning at low and moderate intensities when exercising in normal temperatures.

Researchers at the University of Chichester examined whether New Zealand blackcurrant anthocyanin extract would affect substrate use during moderate intensity exercise in the heat.

Twelve unacclimatised men and six women took 600mg of CurraNZ New Zealand blackcurrant extract for seven days before performing 60 minutes of treadmill running in hot ambient conditions (34°C, 40% humidity).

The findings showed:

  • Blackcurrant increased fat oxidation by on average 30% compared to the placebo group under the conditions


Conclusion: The study findings suggests that blackcurrant is somehow counteracting the decline that occurs to fat oxidation during exercise in the heat.